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Moon is first seen Moz and the Mozquitoes had chucked Bray off of a cliff. Moon and her tribe, the Horse Traders, were passing by when Moon saw Bray and insisted that they help him. Moon then nursed Bray until he was fit and healthy again. Moon was attracted to Bray but nothing ever happened between them though. The last we see of Moon is when the Horse Traders are leaving after Bray had left without saying good bye to Moon.


Moon adapted both her name and nature too her style as she uses pale colours and floaty materials. However, this is not a grungey-hippy look but more sophisticated; to begin with she has a long layered suede skirt in pale blue with use of fringing that adds a strong feminine flavour. She then has a cool white fishnet top that, then a washed-out denim waistcoat/halter style top. She’s also very big on accessories with a large turquoise and wood pendant, white studded wrist-cuff and matching belt.
Her hair is ebony black, wavy, and long. It’s not exactly styled, more decorated, with miscellaneous braids, and parts tied with coloured twine and similar woven in.
Moon keeps it subtle with a dab of lipgloss and some shimmery silver eye shadow. For tribal design she sticks to the forehead with two horizontal white stripes and a large red bindi with yellow detail drawn on.

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