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Mouse first appeared in the Tribe with her brother Charlie in series 4. Salene found them outside and thought they would be safer in the Mall. At first neither of them would speak but eventually they settled in. Charlie was taken away but Mouse is now a Mallrat. She has a mind of her own and is quite adventurous. She often does things without thinking of the consequences. She is very taken in with CityNet and the Game.


S4 Living on the streets when you’re Mouse’s age doesn’t suggest glamour yet she manages a cute co-ordination with the classic use of layering. She begins with a simple dark-denim pinafore dress, underneath she wears a short-sleeved top with a swirly purple/violet/blue design and under that she has a long-sleeved top of the same material. Again under THAT she appears to wear a shirt that is covered with tiny multi-coloured smilie faces. With her dress she also has a cute pair of leggings that have purple, black, pink and blue stripes in them. On her feet she has sweet little metallic lilac trainer-style shoes and this detailed outfit is completed with her super-cool dice necklace. Mouse, however, has no time for spectacular hair arrangements. Her wavy light brown hair is past her shoulders, streaked at the front with blonde and has a permanently ruffled look to it that gives away her mischievous nature. For makeup she keeps the same as her brother with the simple, yet fun face design. We see the basic lines that look like facial finger paint with two orange lines on the right cheek and one on the left. The design continues with a yellow line down her nose with a small yellow dot on the tip that just screams ‘cutie’.
After shovelling coal and getting grooming talks from Siva, Mouse changes to a new- slightly more girly- outfit. She keeps her layering ideas with a lavender long-sleeved top with a white pink flower pattern across it and along the bottom of the sleeves with a fuchsia pink halter-top over it that has a daisy on the front. For her bottom half a skirt is employed yet it has the truly unique design of pictures of faces in white printed on a black background. Then she has dark red and blue stripy knee socks, little black ankle boots with white speckles and a new shell necklace. However, she still isn’t a truly fashion conscious girly girl yet as her hair and makeup don’t have any change.

S5 However, when we get to S5 Mouse decides it’s time for another change, and we know she’s still on the girly thing with this hysterically cute ensemble. She starts with a multi-coloured lace top with great big flared sleeves and then layers a blue and purple halter-dress over it that has blue and yellow fuzzy pom-poms down the front. The colourful layering continues with some bright yellow cropped trousers under the dress, and of course Mouse has to have some cool shoes- this time they’re bright blue trainers with red laces worn with yellow socks. Such colour co-ordination and consistency has to be admired when you remember the younger days of Cloe and Patsy… Yet again she has no hair change (try as she might, Mouse manages to hold Gel off), apart from that it’s now quite a bit longer. Makeup also has no overhaul, apart from Mouse’s natural style sensibilities in changing the orange lines on her face to blue so that they match her outfit. Don’t you just love this girl?

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