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The Mozsquitoes (a.k.a The Mozzies) are an all-girl baddie tribe that tend to be a tad impatient and power hungry. They were first introduced in the middle of Series 3.


The Mozzies are led by Moz. Dee for the most part lead the Mozzies after Moz disappread at the begning of Series 4 till she joined the Mallrats.

Way of Life

The Mozsquitoes often use their feminine wiles to get what they want. They have ambitions of running the city, but are always beaten out by Ebony and her Mallrats.


The Mozzies wear corsets over a sking tight body suit. On top of their heads are mosquito masks, made of a kitchen sieves, that are worn in battle. The main make-up design used is pink around the eyes. Their leader, Moz, usually has a leather whip or riding crop in her hands to make her more intimidating.

The Mozzies take their lead from their leader Moz exactly; it’s a uniform where every girl has the same. Cue black velvet catsuits, huge black boots, PVC small corsets and cuffs with matching spiked neckpieces. Most of the girls also wear chains around their necks, criss-crossing over shoulders etc. Moz herself leads the group with a black leather riding crop or iron bar in her hand.
Mozzies even have thier ow official headpiece, made from two smallish chrome sieves to represent mosquito eyes with chrome attachments in the shape of legs, antennae etc. they are attached to the head with a simple leather strap and are either worn over the face as a mask or pushed up on the forehead.
Mozzie hair isn basically teasing and backcombing the whole head is done and worn in bunchies and/or knots at the back and sides, all Mozzie girls have at least shoulder length hair but rarely are seen to dye it. Moz herself seems to have escaped the frizz and keeps her elbow-length darkest brown hair nice and sleek.
Makeup keeps with the strong, bold style of the Mozzies but is cut through with some femininity with lashings of bright pink eyeshadow across the whole eye area spilling over to the temple, completed with contrasting black liquid eyeliner. Moz keeps with this but doesn’t have the facial decoration of the girls- upside down ‘V’ shapes coming out of the eyes onto the cheekbones. Moz also has plum coloured, glossy lipstick and long fingernails varnished silver for that sleek effect.


The Mozsquitos first appeared during the fall of the Chosen. They demanded the Guardian, and they attempte to have Bray killed but he survived. Moz ran for city leader, but lost to Ebony. Ebony, however, secretly kept Moz on as her co-leader. Moz disapeared with the arrival of Technos, and Dee went on to became a prominent Mallrat.

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