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The theme-song and ending song of Series 1 is 'The Dream Must Stay Alive' sung by Rosalind J. As from Series 2 on the theme-song is the same but sung by Meryl Cassie. In Series 4, the end song is changed to 'Tribe Spirit' which is sung by Meryl Cassie, Megan Alatini and Monique Cassie. The same song is always playing in the casino.


Abe Messiah Album

The cast recorded an album of songs included in and inspired by The Tribe, with Meryl Cassie, Caleb Ross, Michelle Ang, and Dwayne Cameron performing most of the lead vocals. One of the most popular songs on the album, "Abe Messiah" played over the end credits for Series 2 and Series 3. Released in 2000 it contains both the opening and closeing themes as well as other songs that would be featured through out the rest of the series.

The Songs On The Album

  • Abe Messiah - Vocals: Michelle Ang, Ari Boyland, Dwayne Cameron, Meryl Cassie, Daniel James, Jennyfer Jewell, Jamie Kairee-Gataulu, Sarah Major, Antonia Prebble, Caleb Ross, Ryan Runciman, Victoria Spence, Vanessa Stacey, Aswath Sundaresan, Michael Wesley-Smith and Ella Wilks
  • Spinning - Lead Vocals: Meryl Cassie
  • You Belong To Me - Lead Vocals: Meryl Cassie. Backing Vocals: Michelle Ang & Sarah Major
  • Abadeo - Lead Vocals: Caleb Ross. Backing Vocals: Meryl Cassie, Michelle Ang, Dwayne Cameron & Sarah Major
  • Banging The Drum - Lead Vocals: Meryl Cassie. Backing Vocals: Vicoria Spence, Sarah Major, Vanessa Stacey & Dwayne Cameron
  • This Is The Place - Lead Vocals: Dwayne Cameron, Caleb Ross & Danny James
  • I Can't Stop - Lead Vocals: Andrea Sanders & The Beat Girls
  • Beep Beep - Lead Vocals: Caleb Ross, Dwayne Cameron & Danny James. Backing Vocals: Meryl Cassie, Michelle Ang & Victoria Spence
  • Everywhere You Go - Lead Vocals: Meryl Cassie & Caleb Ross
  • The Dream Must Stay Alive - Lead Vocals: Meryl Cassie

Abe Messiah: The Remixes

In 2003, a remixed version of the album was released in Germany. This also featured 3 music videos, they were: "Abe Messiah", "You Belong To Me" and "This Is The Place". The album has iformation about the tribe series (in German) and a short interview with some of the cast (Beth Allen, Dwayne Cameron, Caleb Ross, Antonia Prebble, Michael Wesley Smith, Michelle Ang, Meryl Cassie, Daniel James, Tom Hern, James Napier, Magan Alatini, Monique Cassie and Matt Robinson)

Songs on the Album

1. Banging the Drum
2. You Belong to Me
3. This Is The Place
4. Spinning
5. Urban Guerilla- New Song
6. Beep Beep
7. I Can't Stop
8. Everywhere You Go
9. Abe Messiah
10. Abadeo
11. Tribe Spirit- New song Lead Vocals: Meryl Cassie, Megan Alatini & Monique Cassie
12. Reflections- New Song
13. Day in the Urban Jungle- New Song
14. The Dream Must Stay Alive

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