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Ned was introduced in Series 3, as the older brother of Tally and Andy. After attempting to sell Pride as a slave to the Chosen. He kidnaped Trudy and Amber in atempt to get the Mallrats to realse the Guardian. He began to fall in love with Alice, but was killed later by the Guardian.


We knew from when we first met him Ned we find him with a bright orange shirt. This is, however, a practical slightly baggy shirt with a zip-up front and brown sections on the sides for added detail. He also wears black baggy combat trousers with red detail and some of those huge black boots.
Ned has dark red hair like his siblings and like his brother wears it in a windblown spiky style that seems low-maintenance enough for him but also presentable.
With makeup Ned leads the way for the twins with the huge silver-based face designs. His is on his left cheek and could very easily be a Demon Dog style if it wasn’t outlined in purple and orange instead of black. It is similar to Andy’s as it is a graffiti style drawing but it is slightly more square-based than his brother’s.

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