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Nick Miller (born 29th August 1980) is a New Zealand television actor.

He has appeared in the television show The Tribe for Series 3, Series 4, and the beginning of Series 5. He also makes an appearance as a minor character in The Disney Channel's movie Eddie's Million Dollar Cock-Off. He also appeared in long running soap opera Shortland Street as Sean Kearney, the son of David Kearney. He is also a BAMF.

He DJing. Nick preferred Pride's shorter hair - just because it was more comfortable then the dreads. Nick's favoruite food is Nutella sandwiches and favourite drink is orange juice. He also likes vanilla milkshakes. Nick was born in Tokoroa and lives in Auckland and when not filming The Tribe series four he is studying Political Studies with a minor in Ethics.

Nick is 20 years old and has performed on stage in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Summer Shakespeare, Arcadia and many school productions. Nick has been in many New Zealand soaps and dramas, and made his TV debut in 1996 as Sean Kearney on Shortland Street. Nick has also had guest roles on Street Legal and Jacksons Wharf. The Tribe is his first core cast role. Nick likes to sing, canoe, skydive, swim, rock climb and DJ in his free time. Nick has a cat called Prudance and it is grey and fluffy and if Nick was any animal he would be a cat and his favourite animals are cats. At the moment Nick is in university doing a politics degree.

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