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As a forerunner to the Gaians, the Nomads were able to kick-start the peasanty look in The Tribe- so don’t expect much glamour. Most members wear practical shoes and fabrics such as denim and leather in many layers. There are successes within this style, such as with Susannah and her superb tee, dress, corset and mesh-top combo all in different shades of green and blue that shows you can still be feminine and colourful. The Nomads also have opportunities to accessorise with things made of leather, wool, hemp, feathers, bone and similar.
Nomad hair is obviously not very spectacular, no bright dye jobs to be found here, it’s all about messy practicality with various bunchies and plaits to be seen. There are also a few accessories scattered around in the shape of leaves, feathers and twine, for instance cute little Misty with her various bunchies wound with wool and string.
However, makeup is where this tribe gets a bit more unity. There isn’t a chance to apply eyeliner or lipstick out here so instead everyone has the same face design- it’s a black cross designed to look like a compass point with arrowheads and letters placed on the left cheekbone/temple.

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