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Chosen Tower

Chosen base of operations in Series 2.

Colin Timber And Hardware Co.

A building in Tribeworld. It was the Rebel's first of three bases in Series 3. Can be seen between scenes in episodes

Crystal River

A river near the city, where all The Tribes get water.


The S3 Rebel's final base. Also, where Roanne's place was.

Gaian's Woods

Where the Gaians Live

Government State Building

S2, the Mallrats search government buildings in search of information for the virus, and hopefully answers for an antidote.

Group 9 Hospital

Dal's Dad had his surgery situated here, Dal visited it in Series 1 to get some antibiotics to help Trudy. Group 9 is an in joke as The Tribe is made by Cloud 9. Located in Sector 15.

Hope Island

In S1, as The Mallrats search for information on the virus, clues lead them to a government building located on Hope Island. Bray, Lex, Amber and Dal, along with Bob (the dog) leave the Mall in search of answers.

Once on Hope Island they find the building, but it is surrounded by mines. Slowly making their way through the minefield, they are able to infiltrate the building, finding skeletons of the adults who must have died there. Unfortunately in their quest for answers, they set off an alarm system and have to quickly escape as a countdown ensues. They make it to mainland, only to turn and see the building blow up.

Hope Island is named so because it once housed a prison. It is also said to be haunted.


Jay, Salene, and Pach helped to re-open the city hospital in Series 4 with aid from the Technos, it later moved to The Mall after the Hospital was wrecked by 'The Game' addicts.

Lex's Apartment/Love Shack

Series 4 - Most likely acquired when Lex became Sheriff. He meets Siva there alot.

The Library

In S5, Jay and Darryl use the library as a hideout within the safe zone as they make contact with the Mallrats.

Main Street

A street in the city, were told there is a supermarket here.

Moz Nest

The Mozzies home/hangout. Seen in Series 3.

Newspaper Office

S1, as the Mallrats search for answers about the Virus, Lex and Dal visit a newspaper office in search of clues from the headlines of the last newspapers to be printed.

Orchad, The

In Series 3 the Guardian has an orchad from where all the fruits are from. We didn't actually get to see it though.

Ranges, The

Episode 89/90, when Ryan decided not to return to the mall, he told Ellie he would head to the Ranges. Salene said they’re filled with little villages, whilst Trudy insists that there’s nothing beyond the gorge.

Race Track

In S3, the Rebels second base. They moved there after Amber left to get reinforcements.

Safe Zone

Mega split the city into two sectors in S5. The Safe Zone, he controlled, it had an electric fence perimeter and kids had to be barcoded and scanned in and out of the Safe Zone. Outside the Safe Zone, Ebony and the Zootists had control.

Scanning Centre

You have to be scanned and enrolled to become a player in The Techno's Game. Series 4.

The School

In S5, Ebony, Siva and Java use the School as their base of operations for the Zootists. Siva wonders why and Ebony informs her it where the start of Zoot began.

Seedy Dive

A Club/Pub that was visited by The Mallrats in Series 2.

Southern Provinces

Place out of the city, in the countryside. Ethan told Amber and the rebels that the other tribe leaders were journeying from the Southern Provinces to say that they wouldn't help fight the Chosen. (Episode 133/134).

Zoo Park

S5- The Zoo is situated on the outskirts of the city and becomes a base of operations for Ebony and the Zootists. Ebony keeps her prisoners here. A man named Kip has remained at the zoo to look after the animals ever since the virus wiped out the adults.

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