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Patch was brought into the Mallrats by Pride. His two brothers were taken by the Technos, and he felt he could help bring them down using his computer and technical skills. He developed a small relationship with Dee.

Patch is quite a smartie, and seems to know a little bit about everything. He is always nervous about voicing his opinions or being in charge of anything


Patch appears to like bright colours, which we see when we first meet him. He has a short-sleeved lime green shirt in an unusual towelling material with a large clear plastic pocket covered with bright blue dots on the front. When he first arrives this is covered by a short-sleeved, dark grey jacket with practical multiple pockets. His white combat trousers appear plain at first until you notice they have swirly graffiti-style designs in blue, black, and purple on the left knee and ankle. A black belt, simple black boots, his large black square-rimmed glasses, and a metal/perspex pendant complete his outfit.
Patch seems to have somewhat ignored his hair and just left it to do as it pleases. It’s a medium blonde in a side parting and slightly long, later becoming more ruffled for that ‘unkempt nerd’ look.
But with makeup Patch seems to be more focused on; he has bold designs yet keeps them in the eye area so they are often hidden behind his glasses. For example, when we first meet him he has two purple horizontal lines underneath each eye and a large silver flick over that. However, he finally settles on a large purple squiggle along each temple highlighted with silver which is yet again obscured by his glasses.

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