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Portrayed by Sarah Major

First appearance:
Last appearance:
9 (1st season)

Patsy was a sweet little girl, corrupted by the evil ways of Trudy. In S2 it was under her watch that Brady was kidnapped. When Trudy returns to the Mall, Patsy is so eager to win back her approval that she allows Trudy to brainwash her into believing the Chosen are good. Later on, Patsy becomes a spy against The Chosen and when she's found out they take her away. The Mallrats are told she's dead, but Raymond Thompson has stated she was just taken to the mines so it's possible she might appear again.


When we first meet her Patsy she appears to have worn clothes she vaguely liked the look of all at the same time. She has a peach coloured sweater with a purple-blue symbol on the front with furry cuffs and some navy shorts; however, over the top of these she wears a black mesh baby-doll dress. The outfit is finished with some short boots and the occasional pendant or similar item she had found somewhere.
Pasty never seemed to preoccupied with her hair at this point, she has her frizzy light-brown hair in basic bunchies for most of the time with things such as straw and feathers added for basic decoration.
Her makeup is the most basic at this point, the very simple plain lines in red or green around the face or forehead decorations.

After settling down at the Mall Patsy decides to have a slight change and swaps the sweater for a long white top decorated with pictures of various different butterflies and some spotty red and orange pants.
Zandra does her hair for her birthday and she has it done in four braided knots and later lets them hang in four loose pigtails.
Makeup again does not venture outside of the whole-tribe designs of this time with forehead and temple designs shared with Cloe and Salene and Ryan for the family unit they want.

Patsy and Chloe decide the go for it with style and have some fun. Patsy keeps her butterfly top but adds some unique dungaree in a stretchy sea-green material with two large black criss-cross straps. Silver boots top the outfit off.
Hair-wise Patsy has random lilac streaks added to her hair, which she wears in either in bushy knots or bunchies.
She now has ornate blue and yellow triangle forehead symbol but also with the introduction of lipstick and eye makeup. She has a deep blue lip and eyeliner of the same colour done in a small flick.

When it comes to the next outfit change we see a bright mix of colours and a slightly girlier angle to Patsy’s style. She starts with a sleeveless royal blue velvety top with white edging then has a very short bright orange skirt made out of a fuzzy material with white leggings underneath. Shortish black boots, fern and white cord armband, an orange cord belt and pink feather earrings finish this new ensemble.
For hair her Patsy embarks on bleaching. Front blocks of her hair are now a contrasting blond. She also has a blonde fringe, which is cut at an asymmetric angle. The rest of her hair firstly put in a high ponytail with lime green feathers then two cutie bunchies.
She begins with pink eyeshadow with a thin black line of eyeliner done to a small flick and pale pink lipgloss. However, she then goes with a big facial design that she has devised; a rectangle of silver glitter on her left cheek and the right side of her forehead which are connected with a thin black line going down from her forehead, across the bridge of her nose to her cheek.

end S2/beg S3
After the wedding Patsy changes to a light green-coloured denim waistcoat only buttoned at the bottom to show the camouflaged green top underneath. The outfit finishes with black leather short pants, black feather earrings and she finally gets a pair of those big black boots.
Her hair becomes less bleached, with only the blonde asymmetric fringe remaining that is now longer; just before she vanishes she also puts a lime-green edging to it to go with the colour scheme. The rest of her hair is piled up on her head intricately with black feathers for decoration, the bottom parts of her hair are put in two little pigtails.
Her makeup changes as well with the blue lipstick returns, basic black eyeliner and an ornate design on her cheek with a lilac swirl dotted with pinky-red crystals. And in S3 she has the rebels’ stripe on the right.

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