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The mall that the Mallrats live in. Located in the Central City Plaza. Jack's father orginally owned a store in the mall and that is why he lived in the mall after the Virus came. Was located in Sector 10.



On the lower level was a fountain, with a statue of a phoenix which gave the mall it's name. The open space around the fountain, was tended to be used for parties the Mallrats would throw (for birthdays and celebrations). The main entrance was found here also, Jack had been able to set up a cranking system in order to lift and lower the grille to make the mall more secure.

A sewage entrance was also on the lower floor. It had to be guarded for anyone trying to invade, but also proved an easy escape route. Jack and Dal were able to set up an alarm system in the sewers in case of attacks from other tribes.


In S2, the Mallrats opened the Mall up for a market to be integrated, a test trial as they worked to try and get the tribes to work with each other rather than feud constantly. It was partly successful, but after S2 didn't continue inside the mall although traders were constantly seen in the city.

In S5, the cafe was moved downstairs nearer the exits to help with quick getaways.

Shops in the Mall

Baker Shop

As city leader Salene makes an office in here.

Bed Shop

Where most of the Mallrats stayed, until they moved in separate more private locations throughout the mall. In it slept the likes of Cloe, Patsy, Paul, Dal, Amber and Salene. The bed shop was located on the upper level.


Used by Dee. Located on lower floor.

The Boutique

A tie store used by Lex and Ryan. On the ground floor.


Cafe located at the top of the stairs was used as a communal kitchen and dinner area. The cafe was used for meetings as well as a place to eat. Located at the top of the stairs.

Computer Shop

Jack made his room in here, making it both his place to sleep as well as to work on his various inventions. This was located on the lower level of the mall.

Exposure Lingerie

Zandra slept there in Series 1. Located on the upper level.

Food Court

Where the mallrats have all their main meetings / get togethers in the mall.

Furry Friends

Pet Store in the Mall. On the ground floor.


Hat shop. Bray's place to stay. He slept on a hammock rather than a bed. On the upper level.

Home Design

Trudy's room, after the birth of Brady. One of the biggest in the Mall, situated on the upper level. During her times as the Chosen, it was greatly redecorated.

Mainline Music

The music shop in The Mall; on the ground floor. It was used by Sasha for his brief stay in the Mall in S1.

Penny's Fabrics

On the ground floor.

Rossinis Shoes

Used by Ebony. Was on the ground floor.


Another shop in the mall.

Tai-san's Room and Lab

Tai-San moved into what seemed to be a aromotherapyesque shop, on the upper level away from the main part of the mall. A lab was set up next door when she started work on the Antidote.

Uncle Harry’s Take Away

Delicatessen, on the lower level. When Alice and Ellie moved into the Mall, they moved into the here.


In Series 4, this was the name of a clothes store in the market.


Shop in the mall

Behind the Scenes

The set of the Mall was the largest in the southern hemisphere as the time of its construction. It was built just as it appeared on screen - with all rooms, corridors and levels joined as a real mall would be. Set decoration was meticulous within the different areas of the Mall.


  • The brand name of the solar-panels on the Malls roof were called Solartec.

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