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Pony Joe was the leader of the Horse Traders. He trades a horse to KC for the Guardian's ring. He has a crush on Moon, another member of the Horse Traders. We first see Moon when she is riding her horse and comes accross Bray who has been pushed off a cliff by Moz. She takes him to Pony Joe and he aggrees that they would make shure he is fit and healthy to go before they leave camps. When Bray wakes up he and Moon have a crush on each other but nothing comes between the two but instead Pony Joe is jealous at Bray. Bray finally leaves and left a note for Moon but Pony Joe reads it and does not give it to her. The Horse Traders finally move camps and thats the last time we see Pony Joe.


Pony Joe of course wanted to look intimidating but he also works with horses and off the land so also has a bit of practicality to consider. He has the baggy black pants, staple of tribestyle for any hunter-gather male, and a plain black top with a white baggy shirt over it. Pony Joe’s surprising with accessories; first he has a twine and sticks washboard, breastplate that adds a nature angle to it with the natural materials and the random black leather armbands, cuffs and similar items. Finally, there’s a metal plate hanging from his belt, it’s white with a red graphic of what appears to be a bull’s head.
Then his hair has a classic bohemian warrior element to it; it’s very long, black and wavy part of which is tied up on the top of his head with a long dark red piece of cloth tied in that flows back with the rest of his hair.
Pony Joe’s makeup starts with his under eyes rimmed with some slightly messy black eyeliner. Then on each cheekbone he has a red, yellow and black stripe drawn on, for that classic war paint angle

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