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Portrayed by Tom Hern

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Ram is the leader of the Technos and is a mysterious and powerful person. He goes around in a electric wheelchair. He has the power to do what he wants and most people are scared of him. He had three wives : Java, Siva, & Ebony but his favourite is easily Ebony. He wants to have total control over everything and does anything to get it.


Before the Virus

Ram's father had a military job and Ram got aquainted with technology already as a child. He spent a lot of time alone while his parents were at work. Ram created a rough and tough outside and he never wanted to let his true feelings show. Losing his parents was extremely hard for him. Ram has many different diseases (hypochondria being one of them) and in Series 4 he can't walk and is in a wheelchair. When the virus happened and killed all the adults, Ram wanted to make science fiction come true. He wanted to create a world where he could walk again and be happy. As a result, he created Virtual Reality, the Paradise program and much more that caused a lot of pain to the city people, who soon were addicted to what they thought was just a Game.

What's he like?

Ram is an interesting person. People see him as a scary, tyrannical leader. In the beginning of Series 4, Ram is the ruthless leader of the Technos. He takes over the city with his Tribe and starts creating all kinds of technological gadgets. He restores electricity and running water in the city, this being a part of his strategy — making people see him as a good leader — and the support for him goes up. Ram is very hot-tempered and intelligent. He knows a lot about computers, mathematics and technology, basically he's a genius. Ram rewards hard work and loyalty, but there is also an extremely ruthless side to him. Ram is a little paranoid and he wears a mask outside. Ram wants everything to be perfect. Everything has to go his way, or else.

In the beginning of Series 5, Ram is overthrown by the Rebels and left alone, to die, in a dump. He is rescued by a mysterious guy called Slade, who takes him to the safety of a small country town called Liberty. He takes care of Ram, until he is ok again. Ram has no other choice than to stay in Liberty, as he is not very welcome back to the city. He stays indoors, fiddling with the computers Slade brought him, not knowing who Ram was. After a while, the ex-Techno leader gets frustrated of being stuck inside, and Slade sees this as a great opportunity to make him walk again. Slade keeps telling him that he just needs to try, and no one else can't do it for him. It takes a while and makes Ram frustrated a hundred times, but eventually it works and Ram is able to walk again. But is that for the better or for the worse?

Ram's dream

In Series 4 Ram has a great dream: he's going to life forever in Virtual Reality. He is sick and thinks he doesn't have much time left, so he builds a machine in which he is going to deep-freeze his body and live in reality space for the next thousand years. Everything he does is all part of the big plan. In the last episode of Series 4 everything goes wrong, though. Java is the only one who stays loyal to Ram, but that's not enough. The Mallrats beat the Technos and take Ram to the dump. In Series 5 a mysterious motorbike man called Slade saves Ram and takes him to a nearby city, Liberty. While hiding in there, he learns to walk again and in the end of the series, he helps the rebels to defeat Mega, who is in control of the city after throwing Ram out of his throne. With his technological knowledge, Ram is very important to the resistance. The people in Liberty start trusting him, little by little. Ram and Slade get on very well: he's exactly what Ram has needed. Ram also arranged a Virtual Casino scam with Lex and Darryl, who were very excited about it, but that project was forgotten later on.

Ram & Ebony

Ram fell in love with Java and Siva's little sister Ebony. He even proposed to her, but Ebony said no, because she was falling in love with Jay at that time. Java told Ram about Ebony and Jay's relationship, and of course, Ram soon had an evil scheme to get his way. He produced a fake DVD of Jay kissing Amber, and let Ebony see it. Ebony broke up with Jay and promised to get married to Ram. Their wedding was held in reality space. Ram trusted Ebony a lot, and perhaps he even loved her. Later on, Ebony found out that Ram had made the DVD and she and Jay run away from the city together. Ram was very sad and tried to find them, but he never did. Eventually they came back. After Ram was taken to Liberty, Ebony came there later as well. They kept making evil comments to each other, but got along anyway. Later, Ram thought Ebony was to blame of Siva and Java's deaths, and didn't really forgive her. All in all their relationship was quite complex.

Ram and other people

Ram knows a lot about the people around him, and he likes to play with other people's minds. He likes to put people in difficult situations and watch them trying to find their way out. Ram doesn't trust people easily and he always wants to know what's going on. Ram's wife Java was very loyal to Ram and they had a very good relationship. Ram told a lot about his plans to Java, which was something rather unusual. Ram had a good working relationship with Jay until he betrayed Ram too. It's interesting not knowing what he might be doing next or what he's thinking. When Ram gets angry he can be very scary. Mega was also a trusted man of Ram's, until he betrayed Ram too and threw him to the dump. Since Ram got to Liberty and literally on his feet again, all he wanted was revenge. He helped the resistance to get rid of Mega's reign of terror just for personal revenge. Ram also had a very good relationship with Ved, the high ranking Techno, second only to Ram himself. Ram was pretty much the only person Ved respected and listened to, he was something of an idol to Ved. Ved was a technical genius and shared the same interests as Ram. Later on he started challenging him in many ways. Ram let him live after losing a duel in Virtual Reality, because he still liked him too much. In the end he 'deleted' Ved though, in fear of losing him to Cloe.


Ram wears the typical long-sleeve version of Techno outfit; the black lycra top with red zips and silver front detail however the hypochondriac also wears an additional black jacket over it to protect against germs. Along with this he also wears squeaky black rubber gloves. The radio earpiece and microphone completes his outfit.
Ram has managed to style some impressive hair: it starts by being very dark brown and the bottom two inches are dipped with bright red. Then it is styled with lots of gel and wax into six large curved spikes reminiscent of horns.
He is also able to innovate his Techno makeup; of course he has the red and black ‘T’ design on his forehead but goes for focus on the eyes. He has lots and lots of green eye shadow over his whole eye area that has a vertical flick under each eye and the whole thing is outlined with a darker green eye liner. This is finished with a thin silver strip of metal crossing each eyebrow.

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