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Lex stumbled across Riddler in the junkyard, yet he somehow looks like one of the better-dressed members of Tribe Circus. The outfit isn’t really too extravagant, yet quite interesting, with matching top and trousers in a dark orange colour with a black design printed all over which looks like some sort of computer network. Topped off with a black jacket leather jacket, cut to look like a tailcoat, and detailed with dominoes stuck to it, and finished off with a dice necklace.
Then we get to the hair, which is a mid-brown mass of tiny messy spikes with blonde highlighting that complements the rest of the look.
However, you just know makeup is the main focus here. All of Riddler’s forehead and eye area is blocked out with thick white facepaint then his eyes are intricately decorated like a clown’s. He then begins by drawing a huge neon green cross against each eye and then filling in the gaps with bright purple. To balance the look his lips are painted the darkest shade of red and the sides of the mouth are extended out to the sides and the bottom lip made bigger for a permanently fixed grin whilst he tells his riddles.

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