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Roanne lives on the docks and has quite a large horde of food which she uses to trade. After befriending Salene who is in a weakened mental state due to the stress of the Mall, Roanne locks her away attempting to 'pimp' her out to any passes by wanting more then some food. Luckily for Salene the first person to come across Roanne is Ryan and the two escape although Roanne and her crew attempt to stop them.


Rohanne begins with a long black and purple velvet cardigan style robe with an orangey top underneath and the customary big black boots. She does accessories with the one big silver earring, pendant, and also a nose-ring.
Her hair is black with the top part held up in a high bunchie.
Her makeup seems to show us how the goth look is really done, her eyes are done up with black shadow and eyeliner; not like the unstylish blacked out look of the Locos and other tribes. She seems quite naturally pale and doesn’t bother with facial design, the look finishes with darkest brown lipstick.

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