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Portrayed by Fleur Saville

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Ruby was introduced in Series 5 as the headstrong owner of a saloon in the nearby town of Liberty. She has a small crush on rugged Slade, and refuses to let Ram stay at her saloon until Slade charms a key out of her. She doesn't like Ram one little bit although she shoos away the kids who torment his futile attempts to learn to walk at first. She sleeps with Slade, but is hurt when she is told it was a "one-off", and even more angered when he tries again.

Ruby is independent, quick-witted, humorous, inventive, shrewd and resourceful. She has a whiplash turn of phrase that can cut any fool down to size. However if that doesn't work she's not afraid to back up an argument with her fist. Cross Ruby at your peril. She also has the tenacity of a terrier and a strong sense of "right". She loves language and her cryptic lateral thinking mind has developed a love for crossword puzzles.


She has a cream coloured top cut shorter at the front with a red, yellow and pink flower pattern scattered across it, worn with a silver and pearl necklace, that also has numerous ring-pulls in it, and a matching bracelet. She then adds cropped trousers with a mottled dark blue and mustard yellow pattern. Over these she has a dark blue skirt-sash over. The look is completed with white leather ankle-boots.
Her hair is honey blonde locks styled. The top section of hair is wound into various twists on her crown with the ends sticking up at the top, held in place by a thick white braid wound around the crown, which then comes down the left said of her head. It’s also decorated with small strings of pearls wound into it. At the top of the braid there is a small arrangement of more ring-pulls that creates the effect of a makeshift tiara.
Pink glossy lipstick and lilac and silver blended shimmery eyeshadow form the base of her makeup. Then she has silver and lilac markings on each cheekbone, an arrowhead design with a horizontal design beneath it on the right and just the lines on the right. And a black band tattoo on her left arm.

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