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Portrayed by Victoria Spence

First appearance:
Last appearance:
13 (1st season)

Salene has been in the Tribe since the very beginning. She has always been a sort of mother/nurse to the mallrats. She has also had to grow up a lot since the beginning. She is now city leader and has strong views of what she wants to happen. She's in love with Pride and got very jealous when he looked after May.


S1 We first meet Salene on the street looking helpless and scared, her fashion seemed to reflect her insecurity. There were little bright colours; a woollen layered top with shades of green, dark grey pants and the regulation black boots did not invoke great excitement. Salene’s red hair has always been a puzzle, a girl usually quite subtle compared to other Tribe girls has always had bright red hair. It is of medium length and is usually put up in various basic styles, such as a ponytail or a side parting with lots of hairgrips. Makeup wasn’t a high priority for her at this point; designs were kept basic and always were shared with other people, such as Patsy and Chloe, including the basic single line and basic cheek or bindi drawings. Salene is also guilty of having the seriously odd, even for Tribeworld, green chin decorations…But she redeems herself later on with the very interesting eyeshadow- green triangles to the side temple and another going towards her cheeks. Promising…

Salene eventually settles down in the Mall and creates a much more bright and funky outfit for herself. We have the red and white patterned top with an abstract picture of a face on and an asymmetrical neckline. Then she has a line green coloured Chinese print skirt that stops her looking like and elf with the colour scheme. The outfit compliments her hair and makes her look a lot more together and happy. Her hair remains the same shade of red but had grown longer, various basic styles continue with various hairgrips and a French twist at one point. A more organised approach. Makeup then goes a bit more basic with plain green eyeshadow, extended drawn-on eyebrows and a simple reddish lipstick- Salene’s style appears to be growing.

end S1/early s2 Somehow Salene’s style has become decidedly more ‘mumsy’, probably as she now appears to be looking after Pasty and Chloe more often. This manifests itself in a forest green dress in an old-fashioned material with white and red/pink flowers, over this is a beige shawl over her shoulders and around her waist. With short navy pants this is not the funky style we had seen before- however, she makes a hint of things to come some really cool blue boots with wood heels and a red and white stripe up the side. Her hair remains red but has grown considerably and is now mostly worn up. It stays in a French twist with two black chopsticks put in for most of the time- tres elegant for Tribeworld. Makeup stayed on the same theme as before, personal subtlety with tribal markings with everyone. Mostly, this included a green semi-circle and triangle on the left cheekbone.

S2 When Salene got round to changing her outfit she went along with her more simple outlook. She now wears a strapless bright pink top with a sleeveless grey mesh top over it, with black pants and a small dark blue skirt over them these are actually quite normal clothes, even if they do suit her. Wooden accessories add a bit more detail, plus a white ribbon and leaf armband. Her hair suddenly becomes a bit more carefree, she wears it down most of the time with a zigzag parting and a bit of hair wax on the ends. Plus the dyeing is not so exactly done, we see roots occasionally. However, Sal has now discovered body decoration, white mainly. She now has neutral eye shadow with purple lipstick but also a very detailed forehead decoration. It consists of white makeup in a box and line complex geometric pattern with 3 red bindi stones within it. The line pattern is then extended on a huge scale on her right arm. Salene does appear to be enjoying her appearance now.

Then Salene goes all out with one of her best outfits, on a rock-chick-gone-nice theme. She has her stompy black boots, big flared black leather pants with a black and purple half-skirt covering the back with a big buckled leather belt. Then she has a green leafy armband and a lilac sleeveless top with the shoulders becoming smaller as they go to the neckline (oh just look at the pic!). Metal accessories and a simple leather strip chocker complete the look. Her hair suddenly becomes random, the red stays but her black roots are always showing. Plus when her new style first arrives her hair is spiked, big spikes. This doesn’t last long, she soon decides on the choppy look for the ends of her hair, like Trudy but done more expertly. Body tattoos are pioneered by Salene, she has a gorgeous violet one just under her left collar bone in a swirly pattern. She keeps her purple lippy but the eye makeup gets darker with varying shades of grey- she also wears a few small crystals as bindis. Salene has obviously spent at lot of time on this look and appears happier than ever.

End s2/beg s3 After her wedding Salene’s style calmed down- she went back to her grey mesh top but wore a different top underneath- strapless with an image of a sunset and hummingbird on it. Then it was basic black pants and boots, whilst this was hardly maternity wear that she needed it did look practical and comfy. Her priorities were changing after all. And then a Chosen novice robe was unfortunately later added. Her hair was in no need of too much change- it was cut a bit shorter but it remained choppy with a messy parting. Although her black roots did vanish for a while. Makeup became simpler in the drastic times; she was feeling in a girly mood though. She has crystal bindis but the crystals continued above her eyebrows in a pretty way. Then it was reddy lipstick, grey eye shadow and black eyeliner to finish it off. Plus the Chosen bindi design of 3 simple white dots was added eventually in an attempt to show conformity.

S3 Oh dear, she’s depressed at the outfit has suffered. Her black pants and boots remain but a shapeless grey cardigan and top have emerged, yuck. Her hair has been left to grow a bit and is now half red half black. Makeup seems to been almost forgotten with basic lipgloss and the slightest bit of green eye shadow, Salene really isn’t taking care of herself.

Salene is now no longer depressed but its still feeling fragile- but she is able to put a bit more effort into her appearance. She goes back to the reliable grey mesh top with a simple pale grey strapless top underneath. But she also has a pair of black leather pants that add a bit more interest to the outfit. She also wears the pink circular earrings that Zandra used to wear. Her hair again is hardly changed, but she has experimented with some backcombing that adds a cute edge to the cut as it continues to grow. Makeup remains simple with some lime green eye shadow, neutral lipstick and a small simple marking on her left cheek. She’s getting herself together again.

Finally a proper new outfit that looks fab! Salene’s really gone for it for the first time in ages with some chunky black boots, half-blue and half-purple leather pants split up the side to the knee and studded down the sides, a simple white top with a red/yellow/black patterned halter over it. Completed with a silver bracelet this outfit is the colourful and original Salene we expect. Her hair has not large change but it is now mainly red and the backcombing that is sometimes used gives it more height that before and gives it a casual look. Salene finally gives herself more attention to makeup with her often-great purple lipstick and some really pretty pale blue and pink eye shadow with blue glitter. Finally she draws herself an intricate forehead design in black zigzags with red and yellow to match her top.

S4 Wandering off into the great yonder really does people good- Salene comes back without Ryan but with another great outfit. A red top with a halter-style black neckline, bell sleeves and a gold swirly pattern gets things off to a good start but it gets even better with a caramel coloured leather corset-style top with a zip-up front and buckled straps- very cool indeed. The rest of the outfit matches well with dark red distressed leather flared pants, a short pleated dark green skirt, metal choker and black boots. It’s co-ordinated, it’s practical and it’s Salene. Her hair gets even shorter with a slight under-cut to it but it’s oh-so-sophisticated, also the colour gets slightly darker to a more cherry-red. Makeup is also organised: she reappears with two yellow and green disc-shaped designs on each temple, but it soon changes to three yellow arrowheads outlined in green on each cheek, think Zandra but with more neutral colours. The design changes yet again when she goes back to temple designs- a green cross and a purple ‘v’ on each side. The look is completed with pale gold eye shadow and that perfect bright red lippy that finishes everything off nicely.

S5 Once the long-awaited new outfit finally appears you really appreciate how far Salene has come- as this outfit has the colours, shapes, accessories and layering which are all perfectly suited to her. We begin with a sleeveless top coloured all different shades of green, and also the material is used to make an incredibly stylish matching glove/wristband. Over this she wears a long asymmetric robe made out of thick navy material with white stripes. Her pants are also detailed; with a large flare, made of dark denim and have really cool triangle-shaped patches of dark red material all over them. She manages to accessorise perfectly yet again with a copper necklace that has red and green beading and also a matching bracelet and armband. Her hair has grown considerably since she last changed it and is now similar to as it was in S2 with it being a straight, chin-length, choppy cut with a zig-zag parting- this suits her features much better than her previous cut and frames her face well. She keeps her makeup simple, however, for co-ordination and not to detract from such a detailed outfit. She has some cool metallic lime-green and gold eyeshadow and her red lipstick is toned down to a more subtle shade. For markings she takes the purple cross-like design of her previous look but makes it bigger and navy blue- and keeping with her new symmetrical skills has two on each cheekbone. However, this later changes to small bird-like designs in gold and green, also on each cheek.

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