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Portrayed by Lucas Hayward

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I'm not quite sure where Sammy came from but he soon made friends with Mouse. They often get into some sort of trouble together. They accidently started a fire in the Mall and are both secretly scanned for the game. He was traumatised when he went and filmed what the Technos were doing.


S4 Wherever Sammy actually came from they obviously had a nice selection of clothes on offer- he does dress practically but his use of colour shows an enthusiasm with style. He has a pair of baggy dark green trousers with a thick beige stripe up the sides held up with a rainbow belt- and anyone who wears rainbow stuff is cool in my opinion…He then has a slightly unusual bright orange zip-up top with purple elbow patches and detailing. The most interesting piece he wears is a waistcoat-cum-jacket which has a green and black pattern of newsprint on it with a blue and a red horizontal stripe across- an experimental outfit amongst the less-colourful men of S4. Sammy also has quite innovative hair; it’s bright red and messy (reminiscent of Jack in S1) but on the crown there is a large…er…splodge of blue colour. The two-tone effect isn’t especially expertly done but looks fun and suits Sammy well. He also appears to have grasped the concept of Tribal Makeup early on and also has the rarely achieved ability of looking good with a large forehead design. Covering his whole forehead in bright green he draws a ‘OXO’ design which is then crossed out with another green line- quite random and S1-esque but a welcome feature to a new character’s look.

S5 When he finally takes it upon himself to change his outfit, we see that Sammy still has the skills we expect from him. For instance, no one would’ve expected he could carry off a pair of bright orange corduroy flares! Then he has an unusual top, it’s made of linen with purple and green vertical stripes- but the way it is cut is much more interesting; it appears to have a Chinese influence as it has a high neck and is fastened at the side with various clasps. However, it seems a tad odd to outline this with a swirly grey material with pictures of faces on it amongst the vivid colours of the rest of the outfit. Finished off with bright blue trainers Sammy might look a bit older than previously, but he also shows he’s still just as fun-loving with his style as usual. There wasn’t really much point in changing Sammy’s hair because it’s so cool, however, the red part of his hair becomes more of a bright orange that contrasts the remaining blue well. Otherwise it’s styled pretty much the same, but has more of a spiked (but not shaped spikes) aspect to it rather than being ruffled. Sammy also shows us he’s still up on his makeup and proves he certainly does suit forehead designs. This time he sticks with co-ordination and has 3 large stars across his forehead that are half orange and half turquoise and look really expert.

Towards the end of S5, and under the influence of Gel, Sammy decides it’s time for another outfit change- and it’s just as colourful as the last. He starts with bright orange trainers then has charcoal grey pants with a neon orange stripe up the side to match. On his top half he wears a zip-up top in a particularly nice shade of sea green that suits him well, which has orange and yellow stripe detail on the cuffs- and keeping the co-ordination up he also has a bright orange…er…padded vest thing that has black tarnish detail and also the anarchy symbol on it, maybe the days of power and chaos have rubbed off on him… His hair, yet again, does not change to any great effect. We’re back to the ruffled look, but the orange dye in his hair has also been left to fade to yellow on the ends, which adds a very cool 3-tone look for extra colour. Finally, something very strange happens to Sammy’s makeup: the green OXO returns to his forehead. This is a pretty much unique example of tribestyle going backwards, so at least it’s interesting.

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