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Sarah Major (born 22nd August 1988)is a actress from New Zealand who is best known for her role as popular character 'Patsy' in Cloud 9's The Tribe.

Sarah has also had another quite major role or her age at the time when she appeared in William Shatner's A Twist in the Tale The Magician in which we saw her playing the part of Emily Watson.


  • Flying .... short film
  • The Tribe .... Patsy (199)
  • Twist in the Tale .... Emily Watson (1998)
    • The Magician
  • Hercules The Legendary Journeys .... Geala's Daughter (1998)


  • Sarah has appeared in television commercials
  • She also recorded radio commercials.
  • She has provided voices for a cartoon series promo.
  • Sarah also does the voice-over on a new The Tribe -commercial, made after Series 5 was completed (date is unknown). Only 1 part (of 2) is to be found, it is all very mysterious.

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