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Sasha a traveller and musician, has a very short role in the tribe but a very significant one. Sasha and his one man band, charming and charismatic.


The first member of the Mallrats that Sasha met was, Dal. He and Dal had been slaves together. This was until at the tribal gathering Amber and the mallrats saved them.

No-one really knew his background but that did not matter to Amber who fell madly in love with him so very quickly. Sasha loved Amber to so he took her for the ride of her life. He took her down to the beach where they spent a day and a night together, only to the disappointment of Bray. But that is a different story.

Sasha and Amber had a wild time together however short lived. He finds it hard to settle down. A life of entertaining meant is the life he wanted. He wanted to take Amber with him, but she had her own reasons to stay, so stay she did.

Sasha left the mall and Amber and carried on with his travels.


S1 was the grungy series but Sasha also has traditional hippy/traveller about him. His clothes are basic and practical; he begins with short mid-brown suede boots and some navy pants with a large red stripe down the side. However, the main feature is his huge baggy shirt which is navy with lighter blue and off-white stripes and large swirly embroidery around the top.
Sasha’s hair was a mid-brown colour and longish with most of the top part being held up in twists around green and red pipe cleaners. However, these are sometimes forgotten because of his headwear; it is not a hat it’s in fact doll’s cardigan buttoned up with the arms still attached. Strangely enough the colour scheme of the cardigan matches the rest of his outfit, the twists of hair usually stick out of the neck-hole at the top.

However, Sasha changes his clothes for the wedding and his trip to the beach with Amber, but he still has the same nomadic look. He begins with a linen shirt, vertically striped with different shades of purple over which he has a brown and yellow waistcoat that has pictures of a heart, spade, club and diamond in red, purple, black and green. Finally, he changes his pants to a pair of bottle green ones.
His hair becomes more relaxed; we don’t see the doll’s cardigan anymore and he also takes the green pipe cleaners out so we’re just left with the top section of his hair up an a small bunchie and the back of his hair in another to keep it out of his face.

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