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The Tribe: Sector 4 is a fan-made six episode mini-series set within the opening continuity of The Tribe television series. As the adults are all wiped out by a deadly Virus that was inadvertantly created by Pandorex, this series chronicles the journey of a group of strays as they struggle to survive in a world which has descended into chaos.

Dealing with issues of death, drugs, abandonment, violence and alcoholism, The Tribe: Sector 4 revisits such important themes that the first series of The Tribe initiatally tackled, whilst highlighting that glimmer of hope for survival.



Organised by the UK Tribe Project, with a very limited budget, fans from around the UK came together in order to create this project as a homage to The Tribe. The main cast consisted of several key characters: Lauryn, Grace, Blaine, Syan, Alexandra, Zander, Jaz and Knuckles, with several minor characters appearing as well.

Series 1 of The Tribe: Sector 4 was filmed over a 4 day period during Summer 2006, later premiering in January 2007 to reviews of a great cast and story on such a limited budget.

Off the back of this, a second mini-series of the project was filmed in Summer 2007, extending both the cast and the locations used to further the story of The Strays.

As of April 2008, the development forums has announced that due to "casting issues", the third and final series of Sector 4 will be released in script form only.


Series 1

  • Lauryn - A shy and quiet girl who misses her family deeply
  • Grace - An optimistic young woman who tries to hold everything together
  • Blaine - An overly-confident young man with a serious drug and alcohol problem
  • Syan - Blaine's half-sister. Headstrong, she is determined to do what needs to be done to ensure her and Blaine's safety and survival
  • Alexandra - A sly and manipulative rich-born young woman who always manages to get what she wants
  • Zander - A mysterious young man who is part of the most feared tribe in the Sector, and yet allies himself with the Strays
  • Jaz - A female stall owner who seems to hold some power on the Predators, the tribe in power here in Sector 4
  • Knuckles - Leader of the Predators. Short-tempered and cruel. He thrives on violence
  • Crazed City Kid - A shell of his former self, this poor kid has been driven mad by The Virus

Series 2

  • Drake - A former Predator and friend of Zander's who later is revealed to be Grace's long-lost brother, Rick. Drake is constantly haunted by memories of his past. Whether it was abandoning his sick mother, or more recent sins come back from the grave...
  • Tobias - An extra from Series 1, a drug dealer who has become a trader with Jaz. Cynical and mainpulative, Tobias peddles fake antidote along with his usual drugs and alcohol.
  • Esme - A trader along with Jaz & Tobias.
  • Phoebe - Another former Predator who buys drugs and fake antidote from Tobias
  • Breeze - Another extra from Series 1, this farm girl starts dating Blaine. Breeze is optimistic and free-spirited. Has a maternal streak and is very empathetic.
  • Vanessa - A former schoolfriend of Alexandra and wannabe doctor. Vanessa is headstrong and wise, but can also be haughty and arrogant in her actions


  • The Predators - A violent and intimidating Tribe from Series 1. Lead by Knuckles, these group of bullies rule Sector 4 by fearm, and stop at nothing to quench their thirst for violence, food and pleasure. They can be identified by their black uniforms and white masks. Zander, as second in command, also wears military regalia and Knuckles has distinctive red markings on his mask.
  • The Strays - As their name suggests, these are a group of wayward City kids who band together at the end of Series 1 with the hope of making Sector 4 a better place to live. Each Stray is allowed to wear whatever they like, and often dresses to express his or her personality.
  • The Traders - a tribe who believe in Commerce and Profit. Lead by Jaz and Tobias, these kids trade in Sector 4 (which became relatively safe after Knuckles was overthrown in Series 1) and work to promote safe trading and personal profit. Whilst each Trader is free to dress how he or she chooses, all members seem to wear at least one item of clothing that is the colour orange.


Synopsis to follow

Series 1

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6

Series 2

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6


As well as borrowing music from the original The Tribe soundtrack, Sector 4 also boasts an original score from accomplished musician and composer Charlie Littleton Taylor. Taylor's music is included in scenes such as Lauryn's death and Grace's departure from the Youth Centre. Taylor also composed and sang "A Tribal World" which played during the closing credits of Series 2.

A teaser trailer of Series 1 featured the song Teardrop by Massive Attack and a teaser trailer for Series 2 featured the song Dare To Moveby Switchfoot

References to The Tribe

  • As the title suggests, Sector 4 is set within the same City as The Tribe. The name refers to the division of the City into "Sectors" whilst The Virus took hold and the evacuation process began
  • Zander mentions that his supervisor at BootCamp was a real "nasty piece of work". From a flashback, the audience see this is Ma'am, and that the "two jokers" in his group were Lex and Ryan
  • In some episodes of Series 1, a copy of the Abe Messiah album can be seen on Jaz's stall
  • In Series 1 Syan and Blaine are seeing running down an alley way with posters of Zoot on the walls.
  • Breeze is a member of the Farmgirls along with future Mallrats Alice and Ellie
  • Jaz and Knuckles find antedote bottles in a Government building that is later torched by the Predators. This building is found at the begining of Series 2 by Jack and Dal who - seemingly erroneously - identify the Demon Dogs as the culprits
  • Vanessa hears rumours of the Mallrats discovering the antidote and reveals the news to The Strays at the end of Series 2
  • Crazed City Kid begins Series 2 having escaped from the Nomads
  • In one scene, Syan says the line "The entire city is a war-zone" - a direct echo of Lex's speech in Series 1
  • In Series 1, Lauryn's diary contains a printout of an internet news article reporting on The Virus. The name of the journalist is Raymond Thompson.
  • In Series 2, Alexandra is seen in the youth centre reading a copy of The Prince. Some members of the fanboard asked if this was a reference to Amber, who read the same book in Series 1 of The Tribe. However, the production team stated that this book was chosen to highlight Alexandra's educated status, and her manipulative nature and as such, the use of the same book was purely coincidental.

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