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Series 1 (1999)

At the beginning of Series 1, we were introduced to the strong-willed, responsible leader Amber and her younger friend, aspiring doctor/mechanic Dal. They find a little girl called Cloe wandering the dangerous streets, then meet her friends, twins Patsy and Paul who are being looked after by Salene. A peace-loving loner, Bray, is taking care of the heavily pregnant Trudy and looking for a place for her to give birth. Arrogant street fighter Lex, his sweet if slow friend Ryan, Lex’s material girl Zandra, and confrontational Glen are trying to join the top tribe in the City, the Locusts (or Locos). In one way or another, all ended up in the Phoenix Mall (bar Glen who got caught by the Locos) and met Jack, the boy scientist who lived there alone. Soon, Asian spiritualist Tai-San and slippery young thief KC also joined the tribe.

A multitude of serious subjects were tackled in Series 1. There was a power struggle from the start in the Mall between Lex, and Amber and Bray, and on the outside, between the Locos and Demon Dogs for the city. Lex killed Zoot, the leader of the Locos, who turned out to be the father of Trudy's baby and Bray’s kid brother. Lex tried to force himself on Zandra, but she ended up marrying him later anyway. Salene suffered from bulimia, only beating it with Ryan's help.

Jealousy was rife in the Mall - Lex of Zandra and Ryan’s friendship, Zandra of Lex’s trysts with Tai-San and Ebony, Trudy of Bray and Salene, and later Bray and Amber. The virus began to affect kids later in the series and Lex was infected with it just when his new wife Zandra told him she was pregnant. Bray and Amber finally found love with each other after an iffy start. The tribe went on a quest for the antidote at the end of the series, and the finale showed them finding pivotal information at the Eagle Mountain Observatory.

When all the adults died the children were left with no food or electricity. They had to join gangs to survive. A powerful, evil tribe called the Loco's rule the city. Everyone was scared of them. Either join the Loco's or be killed.Lex, Zandra, Glenn and Ryan met Amber, Dal, Cloe, Patsy, Paul and Bob (Dog). They were all in the mall, where they met Jack. Later they meet Bray who brings Trudy to the mall to have her baby (Brady). Bray keeps disappearing to see Zoot. Cloe sees Bray talking to Zoot. When Zoot leaves, Bray sees Cloe and tells her not to let the others know he was talking to Zoot. If she told them then Bray would tell them about Cloe's cow (the one she was keeping secretly). Jack has a secret food store that he won't tell anyone about. But Patsy and Paul know about it. Amber decided the only way to survive is to make a tribe (The Mallrats). Bray gets Zoot into the mall one night while everyone else is sleeping. Bray gets Trudy and Brady to see Zoot. Paul wakes up because he can feel vibrations (he's deaf so he feels things instead of hearing them) and wakes Patsy up. She wake's Lex. Lex looks around the mall. He sees Bray and Trudy talking to Zoot. Zoot runs, so Lex decides to have a fight with Bray. The noise wakes up everyone else. Zoot decides to come out from hiding and faces Lex. Lex and Zoot fight, and Lex throws Zoot over the rail thingy. Zoot lands on the floor and dies instantly. The rest of the Mallrats learn that Zoot was Bradys father not Bray. Bray, Trudy, Brady and Amber do a funeral for Zoot (Put him in a burning boat). Bray tells Amber that Zoot was his little brother. The tribe found out about Jack secret little food cupboard and decide to put him on trial. He got off it. Trudy was jelous of Bray and Salene's friendship. The was a strange noise in the mall. Patsy thought it was Zoot's ghost. Lez, Jack and Dal went to investigate, only to find cloe with Bluebell the cow. Lex has plans to eat the cow and Jack and Ryan are looking forward to steaks. Dal fell out with Jack when he commented on Bluebell being a walking burger bar. They took Bluebell outside the mall. Lex tried to get Ryan to kill the cow but he didn't have it in him to kill Bluebell. Lex asked Jack, but he couldn't do it either. Lex told Jack and Ryan to go. When nobody was around Lex tried to kill Bluebell but he couldn't do it. After several tries he told Bluebell to go. Lex got back to the Mall and made out that he had been chased by loads of Loco's and that Bluebell had escaped. Cloe ran off to look for Bluebell, but a storm started and she got lost. The next day she was nearly caught by the Loco's. She was saved by Tai-San. Tai-San and Cloe found their way back to the mall. Lex didn't trust Tai-San. He thought she might be a Loco. Tai-San asked the name of the tribe. They didn't have one, so Lex decided they should be called The Mallrats. Because Cloe had been found they all decided to through a party. Just as things started to get better between Trudy and Salene, Trudy caught Bray and Salene kissing at Cloe's party.Lex was getting board with waiting for Zandra to get naughty with him. Zandra cooked him a meal. He tried to rape her. Ryan saved the day. Later Zandra decided that she wanted to marry Lex. She asked him and eventually he said yes. The wedding day arrives and it's spoiled but Ebony. She's got into the mall and Lex and Zandra can't get married untill another day. Eventually when Ebony was caught she was put in a cage. When Lex was on guard of the cage, Ebony tricked him into thinking that if he got in the cage with her, she'd have kitu CRM iere with him. But when he was in the cage with Ebony all he got from her was sore bits from where she'd kicked him hehe.Lex still wasn't getting any. So Tai-San decided to sleep with him to get rid of his negative energy or something. Eventually Tai-San told Zandra that she'd only slept with him twice.Trudy and Dal decided to leave the mall. They bumped into a friendly tribe who liked to share everything with others. Trudy and Dal stayed with them for a while but then Trudy decided she wanted to go back to brady and that she belonged with The Mallrats. She told Dal to stay because it was his dream to live in the wild. When Dal was asked where Trudy was by the nice tribe, he said she'd left. They went mad. Later a nice guy called Sasha turned up and decided to stay with the tribe for a while. He soon made friends with Dal. When Dal decided he wanted to go back to the mall the tribe stopped him. They put him in a seperate tent and chained him to a pole. Sasha found him and stasrted tyalking to him. Then Sasha go chained to the pole. The eventually tried to escape. They lifted the pole out of the ground just as the tribe came to see them. Dal and Sasha ran and were being chased by the tribe. Sasha and Dal went back to the camp to get the horse but were caught again.The time had come for the tribal gathering where all the tribe's met up. KC saw Dal being sold as a slave. He ran to The Mallrats and told them. Dal and Sasha were saved by The Mallrats.Amber and Sasha were getting closer. Amber was trying to ignore her feelings for Sasha because she would get upset if he left. Eventually she didn't care about whether she got hurt and decided to go out with him (Yay). Bray had a problem with Sasha going out with Amber.It was the night before Lex and Zandra's wedding (Again). The guys had a party and the girls had another party. All the boys were drunk but Sasha was just light headed. Dal and KC decided to play a game. They had a race on their roller blades. KC bumped into Jack. Jack went flying and broke his leg. Amber and Sasha decided to go away on a little break to the beach for a while.Salene needed more food for her Bulimia.She found a girl who gave her food. But eventually she found out what the girl wanted for pay. The girl found a guy who she decided would pay her for Slaene to have kitu CRM iere with him. The guy came into the room Salene was in, and to her shock it was Ryan. Ryan and Salene decided to go back to the mall.Glenn's back, but he has the virus. Because Lex and Patsy have been in contact with Glenn, they might have the virus too. Lex, Bray, Dal and Amber go to Hope Island to try and find the cure. It's not long before they get in trouble. They get locked in a science lab. But they soon escape with the cure. When they get back to the mall they find out that Tai-San might have the virus. She gets over it though with her herbs and stuff. Lex won't take the cure untill he knows whas in it.KC has been captured by clown circus. He had to tell the weird guy what tribe he was in. They went to the mall and had a big fight with The Mallrats. Tribe Circus put the Mallrats in the cage and set fire to the mall. Lex decide to come back from his soul purring journey's He persuaded Ebony to help the Mallrats and in return she could have the antidote to the virus. She got the antidote and made Lex go back to the hotel to be the gunny pig. She took Bray too. Amber and the rest of the mall were looking for Bray. Dal and Ryan decided to take a toy helicopter out. On the camera, Amber saw Bray having suntan lotion rubbed on him by Ebony. The mall decided to go to Eagle Mountain to search for the antidote. Lex was all better so he went too.Bray arrives back at the mall with Ebony. He sees a message left on the mirror. It says 'Bray Eagle Mountain'. Bray and Ebony go off to Eagle Mountain with Ebony and saves The Mallrats from some mean people. The Mallrats find a building (Like a big golf ball). Amber and Bray make up.


  • Unlike many other teen shows, every member of the Series 1 cast of The Tribe was exactly or approximately the same age as the character he or she played.
  • S1 was first aired on UK TV on Saturday 24th April, 1999 & episode 52, the last in the series, was screened on Saturday 23rd October 1999

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