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Series 4 (2002)

The planes and parachutes belong to an advanced tribe called the Technos. They are led by a germ-phobic paraplegic called Ram. He has two wives, Java and SivaEbony’s sisters. They have vehicles, planes, futuristic weapons and computers. They bring electricity, water and food to the City, but have an ulterior motive. They set up Virtual Reality (VR) and get many city kids hooked on it, almost like a drug, in return for working for the Technos.

The Technos also take Bray, Tai-San, KC, and Alice among others from the City. It is presumed that the missing Mallrats have been used in certain horrifying experiments to test VR. Trudy finds Amber and helps her give birth to a baby called Bray Jr. Lex is frantic over Tai-San’s disappearance, as is Amber over Bray’s. Pride and Salene find love together, much to May’s and even Cloe's jealousy. Ram makes Ebony his third wife, but she loves his commander Jay. They eventually run away together but return to take down the Technos. Siva falls for Lex and leaves Ram and the Technos for him. Tai-San returns briefly.

The Mall Rats fight to bring the Technos down, and succeed by the end of the series. Ram is left to fend for himself on the outskirts of the City, alone and abandoned. The finale ends with the shock reveal of Zoot, apparently alive and well.

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