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Portrayed by Monique Cassie

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Siva found love when she found Lex. However she could not see him publicly because she is married to Ram. They started to see each other in Lex's secret 'loveshack' but Java soon found them out. She then continued to try and make Siva go off Lex by fitting him up twice but it didn't work. Eventually she left the technos to live with Lex in the Mall.


S4 Techno uniformity may be impressive but it’s hardly expressive for characters- and wearing the same outfit as your sister is worse! Anyhow Siva and Java wear big Techno black and silver boots, black combat pants with big belt and a short-sleeved version of the black Techno top with red zip detail, two black lyrca armbands and matching cuffs that creates a nice bit of variation for the two. Both of them also have the black wire earphone thingies everyone gets and also some cool half-face silver masks. And what with being family with Ebony the two just have to have braids…Siva keeps her braids long and blonde with red streaks. They’re swept up off the face in a high bunchie with braids wrapped around the top. But for makeup Siva and Java really get to go all out in the glamour stakes. The main feature is their intricate eye makeup: grey eye shadow expertly blended in various triangular shapes, black eyeliner with double-flick effect and gorgeous emerald green glitter over the whole thing. To match the pair have gold lipstick with a greenish tint for an unnatural yet nice-looking effect- the Techno ‘T’ forehead symbol stamps the uniformity back and finishes it all off.

S4/S5 But we soon learn how constrained Siva must have felt in that uniform because when she leaves we see she loves to pay attention to her clothes and makeup. She starts with a long blue halter-style top that is split up the front and a short-sleeved red top (made out of the same material as Salene’s) underneath. For pants she goes for co-ordination with some really cool blue and black zebra-print pants with slits at the knees and red detailing- the outfit is completed with huge beige trainer-style shoes, red and silver pendant and large red dangly earrings. For her hair she goes a bit more casual, most of the blonde braids go with the odd one and red streak left in for variation. Most are tied back in a loose knot and she adds two large blue daisy hairclips to the front on the left side. Now we see Siva really let the girly-ness go with her makeup; the impressive eye-makeup remains but is toned down slightly and she changes to a pink lipgloss. She also adds some little daisy sticker-thingies around her left eye (I have a sticker phobia myself, but if she’s ok with them…). For facial design she draws a heart on her right cheek, not Zandra kitsch-ness but done quite expertly with dark red lines, red shading and gold glitter. This is a very co-ordinated look and more expressive than we’d been expecting- but doesn’t explain how she managed to bring 3 suitcases full of clothes to the Mall...

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