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Spike was a random Loco before the death of Zoot. With Ebony as their new leader, he rose in the ranks to become her second-in-command. They soon became the militia to defend the Mallrats, and Spike found himself dead in the hotel pool after a mysterious drowning.


As an ex-Loco the style of such a tribe follows Spike into the future, he keeps on his uniform of a bright blue leather suit with black and white stripe detail down the side and short black boots, However, over these are the Loco/Militia trademarks of adapted street hockey elbow/knee pads which are black but decorated with bright blue and green paint. This is similar to his breastplate that is adapted similarly but there are also bits of wire curled and spiked sticking out of the shoulders.
Spike has no tribal adaptation to his hair keeping it mid-brown and short but this is mainly because of his helmet. It’s made of light metal and painted the blue of his suit with zigzag detailing at the front. It also has the plastic-coated wire sticking out of the top and sides in red, blue and green that creates the impression of plumes.
His makeup remains in the classic Loco look with a black eye band and bold red face paint. Early on he has an abstract flame design on each cheek but later this changes to basic rectangular blocks with three horizontal lines coming of them for the aggressive look required.

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