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Portrayed by Michelle Ang

First appearance:
Last appearance:
13 (1st season)

Tai-San arrived in the Mall after she rescued Cloe from the Loco's. At first Tai-San didn't really fit in, and Zandra hated her a lot as she was jealous of her and Lex. Tai-San is the Mallrats spiritual guide.

Tai-San is into herbs and the spiritual way of life. Her position in the tribe is maker/creator of the Antidote, and also the herbalist.

Tai-San finally found love in S2 , when she fell for bad boy Lex. She and Lex were a very unlikely couple, but grew close after the Chosen were defeated.

Tai-San hobbies include feng shui and herbal medicines. Tai-San doesn't believe in the scientific side of life and is always replacing scientific medicines etc with a mixture of her won herbs. Tai-sans main strengths are being very strong minded and knowing what she wants.

An example of this is when she made sure no one harmed the Guardian in S3, when everyone thought he was mentally ill. This also showed how caring she is. Even though her strong mindedness is strength it can also be her main weakness. Tai-San can stick to her beliefs if in greatest danger.


Not much is said about Tai-san's life before the Virus or joining the Mallrats. The Tribeworld website had a pre-tribe for her, but these have been know to have things that differ from what was said in the show and sometimes to even be completely ridicules.

Tai-san has Chinese ancestors and was the eldest child of four children, two girls and two boys. Tai-San's father was a businessman and her mother a receptionist in a homeopathic practice. As the first daughter Tai-san was often left to look after her younger brothers and sister. This hindered her desire to study for school hard.

Tai-san was a loner even then and didn’t have many friends. She liked it this way. When she had time to be alone, which didn’t happen often, and she loved it. She would go on long walks outside the city and would think about her grandmother.

Her grandmother, Lily, had died when Tai-san was still very young, but she was old enough to remember the story her grandmother told her about the old country and about the relatives, which were left back. She was the one that taught Tai-San’s mother about the herbage medicine. Tai-san herself was very fascinated with the complexity of the recipes and the thinking processes behind them. Lily had all time of the world for her only granddaughter, who reminded her so much of herself when she was young. Tai-san enjoyed her attention very much because her own parents didn’t look that much after her, because they worked all the time. They wanted to give their children a better lifestyle in a new land. It was really horrible for Tai-san, when Lily was sized with her illness and she never got over her death. She never forgot the words her grandmother whispered to her on the deathbed: “Learn to spread your wings, Tai-san, you are destined to great things in this world. Never doubt yourself, hear to your inner voice and relay on your natural instincts.”

The Virus came very sudden and Tai-san's father was affected at the very beginning. His immune system was weakened because he had worked very had, for many years. The younger children were sent to the old country, to live with relatives. The Virus wasn’t that wide in the world at this time. Tai-san had to stay at home, to look after her dying father, while her mother worked, to provide for the small family. Much too soon death knocked on the door and Tai-san was all alone.

She now had exactly what she ever wanted to have time and room for her, but in her heart she couldn’t enjoy it. She wished nothing more than to have her family around her. She missed her brother and her sister and had no idea, where they were now, as the Virus was now in all regions of the world. She wanted to get her parents back, wanted to tell them how much she loved them and wanted to hear that they loved her. For one month Tai-san was depressed, but soon she heard the words her grandmother had told her once more, and she decided to straighten herself up and to do something to make a difference in this world and to help others. She told herself, that she would never again let someone near her, that she would never again feel this pain, which filed her heart when her parents left her. She would do what she had to help others and she would listen with open ears and a open heart what the wind would whisper to her.


Tai-San arrived at the mall looking very different to the others, she wore matching purple top and pants that could have been basic if they hadn’t been topped with her copper accessories, including unique ankle bands that contrasted with her space-age trainers; although she’d often go barefoot. She also arrived with yellow bug-eye specs. Tai-San also always has matching waist-sashes,here she had an orangey gold one and a royal blue one.
Her hair was simple when she arrived long and woven into various bunchies tied with braided string and ribbon. This did change to a high ponytail tied with a purple scarf, however.
Makeup did not seem a priority for the likes of Tai-San but she did have the ornate bindi arrangement that made her stand out. Later she also had a design of pinky eye makeup in what can only be called ‘overly-large-flicks’.

After the paint fight Tai-San changed outfit to a halter top and pants in the green oriental material that her coat is made out of. She kept her trainers but also added silver armbands instead of her copper accessories she also wore a large crystal around her neck for a time.
Her hair had a slight change with blocks of not too obvious red put in the front and the ponytail was tied with a green scarf to match her outfit.
Her makeup changed in order to match her outfit the large flicks changed to a shade of forest green and she wore less bindis.

After suffering amnesia, Tai-san had a style overhaul, a detailed and different outfit sprung up. It started with a brown and yellow cross-strap halter, a black and yellow sleeveless short jacket (ie, hard to describe), a green and black striped skirt, black pants and chunky black boots. Tai-San also began the trend for using plants as armbands and she also had a choker made of dark shells.
Tai-San also changed her hair. She started using blue highlights, making her hair a blue-black colour. She also had front bits chopped shorter with the ends crimped and the rest tied back in a spikey knot. Large yellow feathers were a final addition.
She then decided to keep the larger forehead decorations with a small red bindi with a white line and triangle design. The rest of her makeup became neutral with browny-gold shimmery lipstick and grey eyeshadow. When she first designed her outfit she also had pink and orange lines on her left cheekbone and her front but the colours soon changed to black and yellow and disappeared from her face.

LateS2/Early S3
After her wedding Tai-San had another outfit change, a blue and gold halter top with red leather arm and wrist bands and orange and gold cloth choker. She began with a long yellow skirt and it quickly changed to black pants with a yellow waist sash/apron and black boots.
Her hair became simpler for a while, the blue remained and it was kept down for a while in a sleek longish bob cut. This changed in early S3, being put into various small bunchies all angled to the left at a sharp angle and spiked with added yellow feathers.
Makeup now became even more basic with gold shimmery lipstick and a gold line design in a ‘V’ and blue bindi on her forehead. Later she goes for greeny-blue flicks on her eyes and a forehead design in a matching colour that is a semi-circle crossing a vertical line.

Becoming the Supreme Mother requires a more dramatic outfit: here comes the long red oriental patterned coat- shoulder pads noted- with purple lace-up corset in similar material. Black and purple pants with a long black pointed sash/skirt with a red trim over it continue a theme. A chain-link necklace and the black boots with lacing up the front and back set off this new regal outfit.
Now Tai-san adds Mohawk to her look. Blue dye staying but it was put in bunchies all along the centre and them backcombed until it stood on end. Then metal sticks were put in along the bottom.
Makeup becames more dramatic as well with black lipstick and lime green eyeshadow with black eyeliner. Plus there was an ornate bindi design, only this time it was drawn on with black and green.

After the Mall was regained the Supreme Mother position was now defunct so another new outfit was found so she got another pair of shorts now in shimmery turquoise blue, with matching armbands and choker, and red top held together by various straps over it with a dark red mini-sash thing.
The Mohawk didn’t last, her colour stayed the same and was now in a ponytail with some long spikes coming out at the crown.
The makeup didn’t really change although there was the final addition of the rebels’ stripe- and also for a brief period the green eyeshadow changed to two separate blocks (one on the lid and one on the brow bone) of mid and pale blue.

Tai-San returned she’s in a Techno uniform.
Her hair has changed for us yet again to the standard Techno female braids. Her blue-black colour stays but there is also the odd braid that is a lighter, sea-green or white colour that continues her detailed hair theme.
Makeup is the traditional Techno look and her bindis are replaced by the black and red ‘T’ design. There’s still some dramatic eye makeup; she has the regulation cat-eye style makeup of Java and Siva with black eyeliner and grey shading but she makes it different with large amounts of blue glitter. She also has lipstick in the darkest shade of purple.

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