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Tai-San joined the Mallrats in Series 1. She saved Cloe out in the forest, and was brought back to the mall, where she tried to solve Lex and Zandra's relationship problems by suggesting they get married. She officiated their first ceremony, but later got was not even allowed to attend the second one by Zandra for not "staying away from her husband". After Zandra's death, Tai-San slept with Lex and the two were soon married. Not long before the Chosen fell, Tai-San got in deep with the Guardian, becoming the new Supreme Mother. Despite Lex's ego becoming inflated in Series 3, she still loved him and he was enraged when she got abducted by the Technos. Tai-San reappeared later in Series 4 as a member of the Techno tribe, but was summarily "deleted".

Tai-San is often referred to as "new age." She is quite philosophical and believes that there is good in every person. Tai-San is known for her mastery in eastern medicine and remedies. She had a heart for the Guardian, and was very distraught when he was not properly taken care of.

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