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Tally plays the role of the devious yet cute little girl, yet her style sticks close to her family ties.


Tally seems found of bright colours but keeps with the style of her brothers with colours such as blue, green and browns. She starts with a pair of really cute bright green lace-up boots, light brown short trousers, a long azure blue waistcoat with green edging and a top patterned with various shades of blue and green in a swirly Asian style. She also has a homemade belt with small toys and teddies attached which looks really sweet and shows her fun-loving personality.
Hair-wise Tally appears to have put a lot of effort in; she has the striking red hair of her brothers and has it half up in 4-6 ‘tall zulu knots’ and the other half in curled ringlets. Reddy orange streaks finishes this off with some coloured and are spiked downwards or sideways dead straight, the colour changes to a nice sea-green later- after putting this much time in to such a cool hairstyle we could expect promising things from Tally.
As a little girl she doesn’t have the love of lipstick or eye makeup the older Tribegirls have, but Tally doesn’t shirk away from the face designs. The family seem to have a fondness for silver in their designs but she has also worked in other colours to match her outfit- it is a blue and green squiggle running the length of her right cheek coming from her eye on a silver background. A really fun, colourful design that tells us that while she may be a bit of a tomboy she has a good style lurking around.

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