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The Technos are a technologically advanced tribe who invoke a hostile take-over of the city and turn its inhabitants into their mindless VR slaves.


The Technos are led by obsessive compulsive Ram. He is nuerotic about germs, and tends to have a bit of a temper as well.


Jay, Ved, Siva, Java, Ebony, Mega, Wizard, McNeil/Mac, Fish, Tai-san, and Stats


Technos all have the same uniform. Your average Techno has big black boots with metal insets, black combat trousers with silver buttons and a large black belt with a huge seatbelt style buckle. Then they all have black lyrca tops, usually long-sleeved but people like Java and Siva has short-sleeved ones with armbands. If you are special in some way your top is decorated with red zips on the front and cuffs, and there is a silver metal barcode-cum-microchip piece on the front of everyone’s. Finally every member has a black wire headset with microphone and earpiece.
Noticeably the solider/male Technos have metal helmets; they cover most of the face and have swirly horn-type attachments to the sides.
For hair Technos don’t go for extravagance. All of the men have short-ish hair with no colourful dye jobs or styles whilst the few girls other than Java and Siva have pretty conservative hair.
Uniformity is also attached to makeup; for a start every Techno has the same forehead decoration, the two red circles with a black T. Then they usually have two or three red lines on their temples curving either inwards or outwards. On special occasions that they require helmets the men also have their eye area filled in with bright red.


The Technos descended on the city with vengence in Series 4. Within days, they had the entire city under control and soon restored electricity, which garned much praise from the city's remaining inhabitants. Little did its citizens know, that the tribal children who had gone missing were working as zombie-like slaves for the Technos. Along with electricity, the Technos brought forth Reality Space, The Game, and Paradise - all VR simulations that the city tribes became violently addicted to. Jay fell in love with Ebony (who married Ram), and was relieved of his Techno status before falling for both Amber and Trudy. Ved dated Cloe, but was ultimately "deleted" by Ram, while Siva began an intense relationship with Lex.

Technology of the Technos

Fantasy Library

Ram made a CD with fantasies of Techno members. On the CD Ebony, who thinks Jay loves her, sees Jay kissing Amber. Upset by what she saw, she agrees to marry Ram. Lex also traded other people's fantasies for use in 'Paradise'.


Techno gun. Worn on the wrist. Has various levels of intensity including 'Stun' and 'Death'.


Techno Food. Look and smell like chocolate, but were proccessed protein bars.


A program developed by Ram and re-jigged by Ved and his team. It allows the user to live out all of their fantasies.

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