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The Tribe: London is a fan-made film inspired by the opening continuity of The Tribe television series. As the adults are all wiped out by a deadly Virus that was inadvertantly created by Pandorex, this film centered around a "what if...?" scenario, attempting to document a dystopian future in contemporary London, having to deal with the reality of a real world with no adults.

Dealing with issues of death, abandonment, violence and alcohol, The Tribe: London revisits such important themes that the first series of The Tribe initiatally tackled, whilst highlighting that glimmer of hope for survival. However, The Tribe: London attempts to take the folklore of the The Tribe and combine them with real-life scenarios such as gang culture, gun crime, attitudes towards foriegners, Christian Chastity Campaigns and a love of London. Real London landmarks are shown and the news reporter mentions real people in her reportage of the escalating chaos created by the rising death tolls of The Virus.



Organised by the UK Tribe Project, with a very limited budget, fans from around the UK came together in order to create this project as a homage to The Tribe.

The decision was taken very early on in Pre-Production to break from the Sector 4 canon by transplanting the premis of the show away from The City of Tribelore and into the real City of London. London was chosen as it was felt that this would be the UK city most recogniseable to a non-UK audience.

The decision was also taken to make a more "life-like" version of The Tribe. As such, tribestyles were muted, objects such as mobile phones were used, and London still had a limited supply of electricity, allowing for street lighting and The London Underground to still be in use.

Filming took place over three days between 16 - 20 August 2008. It premiered on 11th October 2008.

Unfortunately, due to the unexpected (and yet to be corrected) crash of the Eyeboards Forum on Tribeworld, promotion of the Tribe London film was not as widely distributed as for the previous UK Tribe productions. However, all comments of the film were largely on the warm and congratulatory side, with many noting the differences between Tribe London and the Sector 4 series, and congratulating cast and crew yet again for working on a minimal to non-existent budget.


Main Characters

Aaron - Arron is a strong, determined individual, fighting for the Wolves in the fight for control of London. However, Aaron also has a thoughtful and sensitive side. He longs for the simplicity of the old way of life, and seeks some form of escape.

Anthony - A childhood friend pf Katherine, Anthony is a calm and observant, with a deep inner strength that he rarely shows. Dependable and loyal, Anthony makes a good friend and confidant.

Danielle - A member of the Crows, Danielle is sly, confident and someone who never lets go of a grudge. With a very cold view that life divided between the "haves" and the "have-nots", Danielle is determined to come out on top in the new world.

Jaide - Jaide is a headstrong and fiesty individual, who uses her quick thinking and guile in order to survive.

Julian - Julian is Katherine's boyfriend. Whilst he is strong, focused, and clearly has a deep love for Katherine, Julian also has a temper that can suddenly flare from one moment to the next.

Katherine - Katherine is Julian's girlfriend and Anthony's childhood friend. She is fiercely loyal to both men, who she now travels round London with. On first appearances, Katherine seems the most vulnerable of the three, with her quiet and retrospective nature. However, she has a strong Christian conviction, which keeps her going through the hard times.

Kris - A member of the Crows Kris is determined, thoughtful and has a strong sense of friendship. Kris is a loyal friend of Arron, for all the times they have watched each other's backs in these dark days.

Lucas - Lucas is something of a lost soul. Following the death of his brother, Lucas joined The Underground in an attempt to avoid the in-fighting of the Crows and The Wolves. But how much longer can he really stay neutral amongst escalating violence?

Marianne - A French tourist left stranded in London after The Virus hit. Confident and easy going, Marianne tries to remain focused, but combats inner turmoils as she faces never seeing home again. Marianne often uses of her video-camera to document her thoughts and experiences in the Post-Virus world.

Minor Characters

BBC Newsreader - Appearing in a narrator-style role, this broadcaster informs her audience of the increasing chaos and termoil that society plunges into as it struggles to come to terms with the realities of an unstoppable Virus and a future world with no adults.

Use of "Real-World" persons

To maintain a state of realism, contemporary "Real-World" people are also mentioned,and appear in the film. These appearances were made using public domain stock footage of interviews, news reports and parliamentary debates. To further add to the realism, and to exagerate the UK origin of the film, BBC News was used as the channel for the News Reporter.

The individuals used are former Prime Minister Tony Blair, incumbent* Prime Minister Gordon Brown, incumbent* US President George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II. Jeremy Paxman also appears as the journalist interviewing Tony Blair, although he is not mentioned by name.

( * = "incumbent" refers to those in power in August 2008, at the time of filming )


The Wolves - The Wolves are one of the violent warring Tribes that now seem to control the city of London. Armed with guns and mobile phones, this Tribe aims to gain control over the City and it's supplies - and if they happen to destroy their nemisis The Crows in the process, so much the better!

The Crows- The Crows are one of the violent warring Tribes that now seem to control the city of London. Armed with guns and mobile phones, this Tribe aims to gain control over the City and it's supplies - and if they happen to destroy their nemisis The Wolves in the process, so much the better!

The Undergrounds - A neuteral, non-belligerent tribe. The Undergrounds actively try not to get involved in the conflicts engulfing the city, choosing instead to trade with Wolf and Crow alike on an equal platform. The Undergrounds are able to remain neuteral due to the fact that they own and operate London's Underground Tube Network - still the fastest and most convinient way of getting around London. Quite what will happen to The Underground's leverage once the electricity finally runs out is not explored in the film.

Plot Synopsis

-Coming Soon-


The Tribe: London borrowed the majority of its soundtrack from the original soundtrack of The Tribe, however it also borrowed an excert the incidental track "Abonercronedrone 3" from the Heroes soundtrack.

Tribe London also featured several non-incidental songs as part of its soundtrack: "A Place Called Home" by Kim Riley, "Bad Dreams" by Martijn De Man, "Meeting Place" by Martijn De Man, "Spy Game" by Igge Scoce and When Children Cry by White Lion.

A teaser trailer for the production featured the song "Angels" as sung by Beverly Knight.

References to The Tribe

  • "The Dream Must Stay Alive" plays as the ringtone to Kris' mobile phone
  • In one scene, Aaron says the line "The entire city is a war-zone" - a direct echo of Lex's speech in Series 1
  • At one stage, Marianne's camcorder timer reads "240699" - the date that The Tribe was first broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK.

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