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Tom Hern is an actor who is best known for his role in the television show Power Rangers: Dino Thunder and The Tribe. He also appeared in several other tv shows, as well as in many smaller acting and presenting roles. His filmography also includes various TV and radio commercials and voiceovers.

Thomas Hern, or Tom, was born in Christchurch, New Zealand on 10 December 1984. He has two older brothers and one older sister. To his friends (and fans) Tom is also known by the name of Herndog, a long-time nickname of his.

Tom currently features on the long-running South Pacific Pictures New Zealand television series "Shortland Street" as Nurse Baxter Cormack. He is also looking for new work opportunities in the United States as well as continuing his band project called Theodore High, with Latham Gaines (who starred alongside Tom in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder).

In his spare time, Tom enjoys travelling, relaxing with his friends, rugby, and music — he is an accomplished singer, musician and songwriter and is also currently in the process of music recording. This he has a number of special skills, including juggling, athletics, martial arts, break dancing, as well as playing the guitar.




  • Maddigan's Quest .... Birdboy Leader, Episode 10 (2005)
  • Interrogation .... Christian Tariq McAvoy (2005)
  • Shortland Street .... Baxter Cormack, Recurring Major Guest (2005)
  • Small Blacks TV .... Presenter (2005)
  • Wannabes .... Presenter (2004)
  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder .... Devin Del Valle, (2004)
  • The Tribe Series 4 & 5 .... Ram (2001-2003)
  • Revelations .... Jess (2002)
  • What Now — TVNZ .... Presenter (1998-2001)

Short film

The Boy: Billy, Lead role (2004) Not released due to post production problems


Colgate — TV (2006)
Woosh — Radio (2006)
Nokia — Radio (2005)
VB Bitter — Radio (2005)
Nature's Energy Supa Shake — TV (2005)
NZ Herald — Radio (2005)
Keri Orange Juice — TV (2005)
Caltex — Radio (2005)
Burger King — Radio (2005)
Telecom Mobile — TV (2005)
XBox — TV/Radio (2004)
Pizza Hut— Radio (2004)
Coke — Radio (2003)
Electronic Arts Christmas Campaign — TVC (2003)

TV commercials

BMW 3 Series (2005)
Keri Orange Juice (2005)


Worked in Christchurch theatre from a young age

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