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The Tribe Circus is a lot like a pack of gypsies. They offer entertainment, and swindle the spectators behind their backs.


Tribe Circus is led by flamboyant ring leader Top Hat. He's quite the vicious baddie, ruling over his circus "acts" with ultimate power.


Beliefs/Way of Life

They believe in performing, but at the same time keeping whats theirs - and a little more. Also burning things.


The member of Tribe Circus dress very outlandishly - much like a true freak show. Their costumes often bend gender lines, with many crossdressers.

Tribe Circus as basically a gang of misfits involved in the gambling and ‘entertainment’ business that runs from Tribe Circus Casino. Run by psychotic leader Top Hat they take those slightly sinister elements of the circus and magnify them.
A mixed group of boys and girls in bright colours, there’s no uniform but they all look a bit barmy- note the gymnast girl in the all-gold lyrca outfit and weird bunchies and the juggling Elvis-dressed guys on stilts. Now the guys in sparkly baggy boiler suit things and curly wigs were genuinely odd. But then there’s the cool juggling and fire-blowing guy in the all-red spiky outfit complete with headdress and facepaint, and don’t forget the guy in the black furry cardigan with the tattoos.

They work under the all-powerful leader: Top Hat. He looks like a mix between one of those really scary clowns and a ringmaster- mission accomplished style-wise.
He begins with a cool long black tailcoat with red piping, then he adds a black and white diamond print shirt with a frilly white collar and added cuffs, tight red and white striped pants, black boots and metal leg/waist attachments complete with…er…codpiece…The final touch is his pride and joy black top hat with wire flower and red jewel detail. Also a note about his eyes, these aren’t the lenses of Zoot but one eye is normal whilst the other is huge and black and really creepy.
For his hair we see someone who could have nearly been a Demon Dog- once he takes his hat off we see seriously cool silver buzz-cut hair with two black horizontal stripes in it that show under his hat.
Top Hat is really one for makeup; tribal designs aren’t a feature but this is still serious makeup for a bloke in S1. We see his eyes are outlined quite expertly in black, lashings of red


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