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This article contains brief descriptions of tribes in the The Tribe.


Amazon’s Warrior Tribe

All-girl Warrior Tribe, lead by Leyla. We show up early in Series 2 when Leyla takes part in the first tribe leaders' meeting.

The Blues

Series 4 - Players of The Game were split into two rival groups, in and out of The Game. One of the groups is The Blues, the other is The Reds. Collectively they are both called The Colours. Kids without a colour are not part of The Game.

C & P Tribe

The name of Cloe and Patsy’s short lived tribe (Series 2).In Series 2, Cloe and Patsy don’t feel part of the Mallrats anymore and they decide to start their own tribe for a short while called The C & P Tribe, which stands for the Cloe and Patsy Tribe.

Shortly after adding Cloudy to the Tribe, they begin to feel better and rejoin the Mallrats.


The Chosen, led by The Guardian, are a fundamentalist religious tribe/cult, who worship Zoot. First appeared in Series 2 and worked more behind the scenes to take power instead of out in the open. The controled the city for a portion of Series 3.


Little known tribe, in the last episodes of Series 1 the Mall Rats walk through a junk yard, as they head for Eagle Mountain, they are surrounded by the Crazies who mock them, but Lex appears on Top Hat's bike scaring them off.

Demon Dogs

One of the most fearful tribes since day one. Sworn eneies of the Locusts, they can often be found lying around their wareshouse drunk. With far less organisation or direction than the Locos, the Demon-Dogs present slightly less of a threat to the city in general, but you still certainly wouldn't want to run into a member of this tribe in a dark alley late at night! They have been "down played" in recent series since being locked up in the "pound" bye the Chosen. They are identifyable by the silver clotheing and face paint they wear. They live on in the old industrial part of the city..

Eco/Gaian Tribe

Hidden away, deep in the forest, the Eco Tribe have gone back to nature in response the collapse of civilisation. Experts in sneaking around undetected, it is said that nobody find the Eco Tribe without them wanting to. Generally able to take care of themselves, through necessity, they are a force to be reckoned with, and a useful ally, if they can be persuaded that something needs fighting for, and is worth abandoning their security and secrecy for. They take their names from animals or birds and feelings.


The tribe that Alice once led, they are defunct now. First seen in Series 1 when the Mallrat boys went to them to do some trading. Are seen throughout Series 2. Alice left them to become Tai-San's bodyguard.


A tribe that once beat up on Dal (and they spilt his milk). Jet’s the leader of them now.


Horse Traders

Led by Pony Joe, this Tribe rescue Bray in S3 and Moon nurses hi back to health. She wishes to leave the Tribe and join Bray, but he leaves without her, knowing its better for her to stay with Joe.


Billy Boy’s Tribe

Locos / Locusts

Led by Zoot and Ebony, the Locusts are dominate force in the city in Series 1. Whilst the Mall Rats are busily trying to form a whole new world, the Locusts are busy chanting 'Power and Chaos!' and terrorising the streets. Driving around in a police car, with Zoot and Ebony sticking out through the sun-roof, escorted by their roller-blading devotees, this tribe strikes fear into the hearts of any kids that hear their sirens approaching. They broke up after Spike’s insurrection.


Pacifistic, democratic, and aggravatingly goody-goody, the Mall-Rats formed as a reaction to the chaos on the streets of the city. Hoping to protect themselves from the other tribes which had made many areas of the city unsafe for all but the meanest of children, they formed their own tribe in the hope of creating a new, better society, ruled by ethical principles, rather than might, for the benefit of all.


There three different groups who were refered to as the milita, not so much a tribe as a group. The first Militia, formed in Series 2, was the group Ebony formed for defense of the City.The second Militia was formed in Series 3, after Ebony becomes City Leader. Siva's formed a Militia in Series 4, after joining the Mall Rats, and trains them to help the Mall Rats against the Technos.

Modes, The

This was Gel's tribe before Jack found her. According to Gel, they were the coolest Tribe around. Jezza was their leader.


The Mosquitoes is an all-female. Led by Moz, their strong - in terms of brawn as well as will - leader, they wear lots of black and tea-strainers arranged as headwear intended to resemble bug-eyes. In the end, however, Moz is out for herself, and the tribe matters only so long as it is opening avenues of power for her.


The Mutants were a tribe featured in Series 2. When the Mallrats were handing out the antidote for free, the Mutant leader came to the Mall in search of Bray. He tried to start a riot and convince the other tribes that they were being conned into drinking the antidote


Them slave traders from Series 1. They sold Dal and Sasha to Ebony during the first Tribal Gathering. Nomads seem to wear the compass north sign on their cheek.


A Tribe that trade in Hi Fi equipment. A member of the Orphans, Slime, is a candidate in the election for City Leader against Salene in Series 4.


May’s former tribe, made up of people kicked out from their former tribe. This tribe were on their way to join the Chosen in Series 2 when Lex meets them.

The Reds

Rival Tribe to The Blues in The Game and in the city. Turf wars break out between the two Tribes in the city. Series 4.

Roosters Tribe

They run a lot of trading activities and loot houses. Bray and Trudy were forced to leave the Suburbs for the City as the Roosters were moving in. They help defeat Mega at the end of Series 5. Seen bullying Cloudy in S2. Later when on to join the rebels against both Chosen and Technos.

Scavenger's, The

Series 5. Kids who scavenge junk and trade it on. Riddler was one of them.


Series 2 - Lips, Teeth and Dimples are a musical threesome who were first seen tagging along with Billy Boy and the Jackals. This trio sings everything and it's very unlikely that you'll hear them 'talking' to each other. It's uncertain who they were before the virus, or if they're related. If they aren't related, they very well could be since they seem to know each other so well. They often finish each others sentences. They sang at the Lex/Tai-San and Ryan/Salene wedding.


Made an impact at the end of Series 3. Introduced advanced technology and electricty to the city. They're lead by Ram. However, they claim not to be a tribe, their structure is very similar to that of other tribes. They wear skin-tight uniforms, a metal face mask, and carry various technological devices.

Tribe Circus

Psychotic Clowns who like fire. Took over the mall, captured the Mall Rats and set the Mall on fire with the Mall Rats still inside. Top Hat is their leader. Series 1.

Wrecking Crew, The

A tribe, they have five members; two kids, Patch and his two brothers. We don't actually see this tribe, we hear about them when Patch speaks about his past (Series 4). Patch's brothers are taken by the Technos and he then joins the Mallrats.


Led by Ebony in Series 5. These kids still believe in Zoot and even dress like him. Keeping the spirit of Power & Chaos still alive.

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