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Portrayed by Antonia Prebble

First appearance:
Last appearance:
14 (1st season)

Trudy made a dramatic entrance to the tribe when she arrived in the Mall pregnant, and went straight into labour! Trudy was always jealous of people who got close to Bray. She hated Salene for a long while after she spotted them kissing.

Trudy was kidnapped by the Chosen, who worship Zoot, and brainwashed into becoming the Supreme Mother. She helped the Chosen destroy the Mall Rats, and control the city. She is now reformed, and a true Mall Rat. Trudy's best friends are Amber and Salene. She has had no relationships so far. Bu before the virus, she was with Zoot and Bray. Trudy seems to need time off from caring for Brady. With this time she likes to relax, read a book and enjoy herself. Trudy main strengths are her kind and caring nature.

Also she is a natural mother to baby Brady. Trudy main weakness is that she is not mental strong. She has can become very jealous and find it hard to trust. Also she betrayed the Mall rats when she became a member of the chosen due to being not mental strong

Before the virus hit the world, Trudy fancied Zoot. Trudy became obsessed with her daughter's uncle, Bray. She then became over this obsession and betrayed the tribe. She kept this soft spot for Bray, but she became the supreme mother and started falling for the Guardian.

Trudy has gone through many changes in her time as a Mallrat. She first came as a young teenage mother in the protection of Bray. She gave birth to a daughter and neary died after the delivery. We later learned that she had been Zoots girlfriend and that her child was his and not Bray's. In the beging she was a sullen and unlikeable character. She was obsessed with Bray seeing a realationship that wasn't there. In series two we see a transiton into a lighter side of her character. A fun and kind Trudy. In the second half of the series she is manipulative and quite dangerous. In Series three we see The Surpreme Mother who really is just a messed up girl being used by a madman. Near the end of the series we see a confidant young woman who knows she has made mistakes and is willing to make up for them. She truly wishes to make amends. In Series four we see not the frightend girl but a woman bent on making a safe world for her child and for her tribe.


S1 We first see a heavily pregnant Trudy hiding in her old house then wandering around with Bray trying to find a place to give birth- style was not really a high priority at this point. She wears her brown fuzzy coat for a long time but after giving birth stays in her brown robe with cutaway shoulders, long green skirt (which later changes to loose black pants) and sensible shoes. She also has a baby-shaped accessory around most of the time… However, whilst being pregnant with a maniac’s baby Trudy managed to dye her hair purple- no problem, it’s the Trudy we expect. She looks like she needed a hand with the scissors though, after seeing her long hair in flashback eps it appears she just hacked most of it off. Very occasionally she would put part of it up in a high bunchie. Makeup for Trudy is very basic heavy brown eye makeup and dark brown lipstick, it wasn’t the classic ‘goth’ look but that was the impression she was giving- probably to do with her depression. She was also reluctant to share tribal markings with the Mallrats after not feeling welcome.

0 end S1/beg S2 When Trudy eventually got over her depression (and Bray) she appeared to come out of herself and take some interest in her clothes. She has a bright green pair of combats with open zips on the knees, a leopard-print halter-top with a brown off the shoulder cardigan with a ruffled neckline over it ane found some typical Tribe black boots. It was more feminine, yet still earthy and made her look so much better. Nothing was needed to do with her hair colour (although the dye did look less haphazard) but as it had grown a bit longer she put it in two very cute bunchies and has two silver clips on a piece of her left out on the right side of her face. Later on she had a complicated ponytail and chopsticks arrangement that also featured parts of her hair being crimped, and let’s not forget that fringe at all different lengths- very random, very Trudy. Makeup remained basic, although not as dark as previously and eventually she created her own Tribal marking. This came in the style of various blue arrowhead shaped lines on her left cheek with matching blue lipstick. Overall Trudy looked as if she had it together much more.

S2 Trudy has escaped from the Chosen and has somehow found a very nice, brand-new outfit along the way (hmm…?). She wears a top with half of the centre panel as a picture of various plants and leaves with the rest part and the sleeves being a leafy green mesh material. She also had some very cool dark purple lace armwarmers, black pants and boots and an apron-style waist sash which was white with red, blue and green leaf designs on it. Her most ‘organised’ outfit yet. Her hair remained purple and the most of it was, well, hacked off again. Only this time it’s shorter than previously and looks as if the person who did it had their eyes open for once- she has a very short fringe and the cut is even- yet a bit severe looking… Trudy had also acquired some makeup skills with the Chosen, she has her brown lipstick but it is topped off with lots of beige-ish lipgloss. She also has a lot of pale blue eye makeup with a sudden inclusion of bright blue glitter. Trudy now looks very composed, a little too composed for a scared runaway…

S3 Oooh look! Robes! What a surprise…As Supreme Mother you do get special ones, however, Trudy’s is half white, half royal blue and floor-length as she floats around the Mall. Her feet have vanished so who knows what footwear she has, probably just the black ones again though… Her hair remains in its previous style but is still purple and very tidy looking. Makeup becomes more subdued for a person devoting her life to Zoot, the only exciting thing is her change to reddy-purple lipstick.

Trudy returns with the Gaian army and yet another new outfit from afar, and not very practical looking when you think about where she’s supposed to have been. We begin with a bright red top with a low neckline, small silver and black corset, purple armwarmers and pants, black boots, dangly purple earrings a red feather necklace. This outfit has moved away from Trudy’s normally earthy colours, maybe this is a new stage in her life. She has also had a dramatic change of hair cut- no purple! Instead her natural dark brown hair had grown out and a reddy/maroon dip had been done on the ends on her even shorter hair. This is more like the random-ness of Trudy’s previous hair but the disappearance of the purple is strange. Makeup still remains simple; pale eye shadow, purple lipstick and a green tribal marking in a shape similar to the Omega symbol next to her right eye. Trudy suddenly looks older and more confident of herself.

And here is her ‘especially to be kidnapped in’ outfit, with the room for experimentation. We see Trudy in a crush-effect bright green t-shirt with what looks like bright red dungarees that have been hacked at with the scissors. She keeps her feathered necklace and heeled black boots finish this new outfit. The colours seen to shared the old and the new aspects of Trudy’s style and the random-ness of this outfit shows the Trudy we knew is s1 isn’t dead.

Finally she is back in the Mall, but returns to the not-very-exciting school of style. We now see a plain black top with a very long bright green waistcoat with one lapel and black details. Her red pants and heeled boots remain but she has also added an ornate metal chocker. This is a nice return to some more earthy colours and simple design, but hardly jumping-up-and-down material. Trudy’s hair remains with the dipped colour but is now smoothed back in a slight wind-blown look, which also makes it look a bit shorter. Makeup becomes even more neutral with orangey eye shadow and clear lipgloss. There’s no random-ness here, maybe Trudy’s finally got it together, or maybe she’s dying for some security.

S4 However, when The Technos fly in Trudy suddenly revamps her outfit into something really cool. The black top and green waistcoat remain but she then inserts a pair of bright orange shorts and some amazing red lace leggings- don’t cringe it goes really well, somehow. The outfit is topped off with some cute short red boots, this random use of colour and layering is the Trudy of old. She also decides to go back to the puprley hair colour; the top layer of her hair is dyed whilst the bottom in left natural brown. Then some of the hair is held up in a small bunchie at the back. She also decides to change her makeup and we see a return of the dark colours from previously- dark brown lippy, brown shaded eye shadow and a strange but cool addition of blue blusher. For tribal markings she goes for two navy arrow and swirl designs curving round from the temple to the cheekbone.

Staying with the Gaians seems to do wonderful things to a person’s style- Trudy returns to the Mall in an outfit that harks back to her early grungy-ness but with a stylish S4 twist. We begin with a short red top with a yellow-ey circular pattern and asymmetric neckline. Below this she has a greeny-blue top that fastens at the front with 4 clips. Then we have an azure blue skirt split up the sides, with insets of clear plastic with a pretty butterfly pattern printed on, to reveal seriously cool purple pothole tights with her black boots. Finally she wears a brown, furry, long sleeved, short jacket over it and has a new, chunkier, metal choker. This is the detailed, creative, colourful, pretty outfit that Trudy has been dying for. Hurrah! Her hair is a violet colour but switches back to a sleeker purple, it’s grown longer and has a layered, choppy, ruffled look to it- this is proper Trudy hair. Her makeup doesn’t change much from when we last saw her, this girl finds a good design and sticks to it- the only changes are that the eye shadow changes to a dark red and she adds a green lipstick that matches her top. She looks great, confident and organised.

In S4 Trudy has proven to be really on a roll, as we meet her in the Gaian camp with yet another new outfit. She experiments with a purple top for the first time, which is strange to think as it matches her hair really well. It’s a bit girlier than expected in a crushed fabric with short almost detached sleeves and a slightly frilly neckline with button detail down the front. She also accessorises with a cool wire, pebble and bead necklace. Trudy also shows she’s still up on leg-wear in this series with a wine-coloured pair of 3/4 length trousers and matching wrap-over skirt with matching fishnet tights underneath for decorative detail whilst living in those woods. She finishes with short brown boots with a fur trim around the top. Her hair is now is at it’s most grungy for a while; Trudy would have dreamed of hair this good in S1. The purple dye has grown out considerably so she has dark roots yet it has also been cut shorter so it’s half-and half. Finally some amazing violet extensions are added that give an unusually cool 3-tone effect, the odd green leafy bits add a nice Gaian aspect to it as well. Makeup becomes a bit simpler; the eye shadow is now a dark brown/mauve colour yet more expertly shaped than in S1, the turquoise lipstick remains and the right swirly arrow design moves up to her temple whilst the one on the left is replaced by the new Gaian bright green swirly-handprint.

S5 Strangely enough, in S5 Trudy does what she did in S4 and revamps her previous outfit into something else. For instance, her top changes to a lighter shade of purple- the sleeves are also gone and it becomes gathered in the middle. The other great change is that her skirt becomes more of a pinker colour to the pants and asymmetric around the hemline, she also adds a thick brown leather belt with beaded detail. A strange time for a change, but Trudy knows how to keep us on our toes… Her hair also changes; it is now black and curly with a purple fringe and great big pink extensions in the back. This looks a bit too messy for the Trudy of today so we’re all thankful when she goes back to the straight look and her asymmetric fringe that we love. The dye at this point is very strange; it’s probably purple with lots of blue streaks in it- which means it appears to be a different colour from every angle! Yet it’s very cool and shows that Trudy can carry off a different colour. After all that change the makeup remains pretty much as it was. The turquoise lipstick unfortunately leaves us to be replaces by a burgundy colour that also appears on her eyes.

However, she’s soon right back on super-stylish form with one of the best Trudy-outfits ever! The main focus is the top; it’s made out of a crinkly, glittery dark purple material which is special enough, but it’s the detailing that’s amazing- it has a huge blue lace-up section up one side, and the asymmetric neckline is completed by a metal shoulder piece that is attached to a similar choker. On the other side there is a purple mesh cap-sleeve. There is matching purple lace-up detail on her new skirt, which is made of dark denim and is about knee-length with a wrap-over style. The look is completed with black knee-high boots and shows our lovely Trudy off spectacularly. Hair also manages to settle down eventually, she now has both layers of her hair streaked blue-black. But the purple cannot be forgotten as a couple of violety-lilac streaks are added to the side that add a great contrast and depth to the colours. Makeup still has no great change, but it still looks really good as the swilry arrows match the not-too-goth look of the top- she now has two again as the Gaian handprint goes. In order to complement the colourscheme of the outfit she changes her lipstick and eyeshadow to a nice shade of dark violet.

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