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Tribe America - A Fan Series

Tribe America is based on a fanfic written by Bookwormbeauty. It tells the stories of American kids trying to survive in Post-Virus New York. It is centered around five kids: Beth, Sam, Erin, Anara and Nathan, a tribe living in a abandoned high school.


Shannon: As beautiful as a goddess but as sly as feline, Shannon knows that she wants and how to get it. She is the defination of a temptress.

Catherine: She only cares about her appearances and her hair. Oh and who is gonna get her next meal for her. Awful in emergency situations. She was a teen tv star who lived a fairy tale.

Liam: Steadfast and true, Alex keeps the peace within the Robins. His parents were politicians so he knows a lot about decisons.

Sundara: Generous and Kind. Her mother was a doctor and taught her everything she knows about medecine. Catch? Her brother is the leader of the Neyoz- the fierciest tribe in all of Sector 2.

Claudia: Although headstrong, Claudia is a great leader. She along with Alex, make decisions not for themselves but for the entire tribe. She was one of the first tribe leaders to go against the Robins. And win.

Victoria: The damaged beauty. Though kind to all, she harbors a dark secret. Her parents were abusive and the bruises and pain she hides in her eyes she also hides it from her best friend-Claudia.

Brian: Sleazy and purpetually sneaky, Brian looks for himself and only himself.

Beth: Quiet and Shy, Beth is lost in a world without adults.

Sam: Strong and short-tempered, Sam will keep his promise to his parents: To look after his sister, Beth.

Aiden: Not much is known about the mysterious Aiden. But to the Robins he is no good.


The Robins: A major authority figure in Sector 2 and in the city. Offers shelter to strays and food. The Robins control the high school in Sector 2. The Robins protect any strays from the Neyoz and fight for those who became slaves to the Neyoz

The Neyoz: The most powerful tribe in New York. Bloodthristy and scary,the Neyoz are scattered across New York state but united under one tribal marking: a single red slash going diagonal down their face. Their leader is Blood who has only one order- bring any strays to him.

Strays: Kids without a tribes or families. They wander the streets and the underground. Most become slaves to the Neyoz but some escape their prison.

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