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Vanessa Stacey is a well known actress that has appeared in various programs. She was born on the 7th August 1975 and has a wide range of experience in a mixture of areas that involve media.

Vanessa is best known for her role as Alice in Cloud 9's production of The Tribe which she played Alice for nearly 4 series'. She was one of the most popular characters to join the cast of the show, as she was much loved with the viewers.



Vanessa first got into acting at the age of 7 whilst living in Central Otago, New Zealand, where her father worked as a stuntman. She and her older brother got work as background extras.

Vanessa joined Hagley Theatre Company at the age of 20, where she stayed as core cast for 2 years. She had roles in productions from "Animal Farm" to "The Cherry Orchard", and acted in material from playwrites such as Chekov and Christopher Derange.

Vanessa moved to Wellington in 1996, where she started out as a free lance actor. Withing 3 weeks she landed a leading role in "The Young and Hungry Festivle", giving her the high profile she needed.

She was then comissioned to write and direct a play, which she completed in just 3 weeks. This resulted in the appropriatly titled "Work In Progress", which ran for 3 seasons.

The following year was spent working around Wellington, and a guest spot on TVs live show "Pulp Comedy".

In 1998, Vanessa was introduced to Cloud 9's post-apocalypric drama series "The Tribe". She was offered guest cast, appearing in episode 32 of "The Tribe Series 1". She had a total screen time of approximatly 3 minutes, her slot getting higer ratings than any pervious guest appearences

When Cloud 9 asked her to be a regular in the show, Vanessa originally turned the part down due to study. However, when offered core cast, she decided to leave Drama School, and has since return as Alice, featuring promenantly in "The Tribe Series 2" and "The Tribe Series 3".

Film Roles

  • The Frighteners
  • Heavenly Creatures
  • Willow
  • Vanessa has a minor role in the first of three "Lord Of The Rings" movies. She plays a Hobbit.

Other roles

On the stage Vanessa has been involved in the productions of Charlotte's Web, Baby with the Bathwater, Work in the Progress, and also the Knitwits.

Vanessa recently had a guest appearance in Hercules in 2005.

She also played the role of Brenda Blue in childrens television show Jay Jay the Jet Plane in which she played a lady who kept and maintained the working of her jet planes. Eve Whittle was slated to have been the woman behind Brenda Blue, though anyone who watched the show would then know that Vanessa actually was cast for the role.


  • Vanessa Stacey has gained certain grades and has a Diploma in Directing Performance Art and bares a Certificate in Jazz Theory and Performance.
  • Vanessa enjoys singing and perorming.

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