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Where he came from, we don't know, but he first showed up at the mall, where he proceeded to freak Lex out much to the amusement of Alice, by putting on a ventriloquist voice with his puppets (Lex said "just playing along", yeah right). Wolf said he wanted to sell a few, and promised to keep out of trouble. Then he met Ellie, and was surprised (or so we thought) to find out that she was the editor of The Amulet, a newsheet which he knew of. Ellie was totally taken in by Wolf's charms, causing Jack to become jealous. She insisted to both him and her sister Alice that there was nothing between them .

Wolf heard that the Mallrats were awaiting an attack by the Chosen, and he confided in Ellie that the Chosen had disbanded. Ellie, always the intrepid reporter, was quick to print out the news on the Amulet's front page. On hearing the news, the Mallrats gradually let their guard slip, thinking the Chosen were finished. Nothing could be further from the truth, as we see Wolf meeting in the sewers with Trudy, telling her the time has almost come. Wolf then mysteriously disappears, and the Mallrats have yet to guess what's going on. He reappears further from the Mall, coming across the Chosen, saying he has a message for the Guardian.

In the final episode of Series 2, Lex, Bray, Jack, and Ryan find Wolf, who has been beat up by the Chosen. He gives Bray a message from the Guardian, that he has until noon the following day to give himself up, or Danni will die. They take Wolf inside to fix him up. After a while of surveillance of the hotel that the Chosen are holding the others captive in, Lex notices Wolf going to leave. When Lex asks where he's going, Wolf say's he's going out to get some air. Lex keeps him talking, asking what he did to deserve the black eye the Chosen gave him. Wolf says they "don't need an excuse to beat up on you". Lex asks if he's OK and Wolf says he's "fine, why not?" Lex points out he's sweating, to which he replies the he said he needed some air. As Wolf wipes the back of his hand across his eye, Lex susses that the black eye is makeup and that Wolf must work for the Guardian, but Wolf realises Lex knows and punches him in the stomach before he can tell the others, and runs. Ryan takes off after him, but Wolf slams the door back in Ryan's face, knocking him out. Wolf and Bray then grapple, with Jack eventually coming to the rescue and throwing Wolf down the stairs, where he remains unconscious.


Wolf knows how to charm his way onto the group and how to gain their trust - he accomplished this using Ellie. He was even able to do this a second time round, when he faked his beat up by the Chosen to Lex, Bray, Ryan and Jack. He gained their trust and was once again prepared to betray them to the Chosen. He would have done so, had it not been that Lex was able to suss him out before he could leave.

In the beginning, he got on well with the whole group, mainly Ellie and Alice, although Jack was not impressed. When the four Mallrats found him, he knew exactly how to manipulate them to his advantage, this time using Danni as the means of getting to them.


Clothes - Wolf wears bold clothes, consisting of mainly blue, red and yellow designs.

Make-up - Wolf perhaps wears the most make-up out of the reoccurring characters. His face is a yellow/brown base colour, with two simple brown lines coming vertically down from the corner of his mouth and blended into the middle. He also has a similar dark blue diagonal design coming down from his left temple over his eye with ends in a point, and also a light blue vertical design, again similar to the previous two, coming down from the right side of his forehead over his other eye.

Hair - Wolf as very curly hair, with a few lighter highlights. He leaves it loose, and it comes down to just above his shoulders.

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