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Zandra was first seen in the tribe at a meeting between her, Lex, Ryan, and Glen and the Locos. She is into fashion and style, she misses the old days, but still manages to look her best.

She doesn't like to be mucked around by people, especially guys. She married Lex in a bid to make things better. She than got pregnant but died, along with her unborn baby in an explosion on Eagle Mountain at the beginning of Series 2.

Zandra's hobbie was making herself look presentable and for her to have style. She also enjoyed to show her romantic side to Lex.

Zandra's strenght are her hobbies as she always had style. She also became forgiveful as she forgave Lex on many occasions. Zandra's weakness was saying things at the wrong time as on occasions she left many Mallrats upset.


Zandra’s first outfit was a mix of the old, glam world she loved and her own kitsch wacky elements. She has brown lace pants and top done in a stripy style, a multicoloured polka dot skirt with a bright green waistcoat with a diamond pattern on it. Her impracticality shows with a chocolate brown fake fur stole with brown feathers sticking out of it draped over her shoulders.
Her accessories keep her kitsch-ness with those huge plastic daisy earrings, pink and blue daisy hairclips, long pink and orange drape necklace and matching bracelet and her neon yellow bag with makeup and mirrors in. However, she can’t escape the black boots.
Zandra’s hair is curly and brown naturally and often in bunchies but the main feature is the front right part electric blue and the front left part fuchsia pink.
Finally, makeup is in keeping with her hair and clothes, bright and cute. Zandra always had symmetry in her face with her tribal markings usually being geometrical and always the same on both cheek. At this point she has a large pale blue swirl on each side of her face going from forehead to temple to cheekbone. This is completed with pastel pink lipstick and big, basic blue eye shadow with black eyeliner extending outwards, Cleopatra style.

Zandra was different to the other Mallrats she would regularly change her ensembles and mix and match different elements in almost every episode, this isn’t a comprehensive list which says a lot about Zandra. Clothes:

  • Zandra’s next outfit was a lime green spandex top with one shoulder and a neon yellow PVC translucent corse, it is completed with fuzzy zebra-print pants with sections cut away and white thick crochet tights underneath and black boots. This was topped off with either the long necklace or a cute pink plastic butterfly choker.
  • Another Zandra outfit is her ‘feathers and lace’ one, especially designed for showing off around Lex. A white lace top complete with vintage broach, a black corset and purple ruffle skirt and white lace tights. For her big seduction scenes she would also add a white ruff (a proper Elizabethan one) and some huge blue and pink multi-stoned earrings and a black velvet chocker with a crystal.
  • Zandra appears to adopt a more casual attitude; she now has a multicoloured paisley-style pattern and flowers in blue white and orange. Purple cords with a funky rainbow belt and her chunky boots are added to effect. Her daisy earrings and butterfly chocker also return. And on the rare occasions she might want to venture outside the Mall she has a fuzzy bright blue zip-up jacket with two red stripes across the front.
  • She’s now off her ‘new look’ minimalist thing where she spends all her time in a brown robe. However she does have the pink button earrings to add a bit of excitement. Pregnancy appears to be making Zandra change her priorities.
  • Zandra later livens things up with a new top, a shade of sea green with poofy sleeves and a frilly neckline and small pink and yellow flowers on the top layer of mesh.
  • Finally Zandra heads off to Eagle Mountain in a vaguely practical outfit. Dark brown short pants, black boots, a tan coloured lace up top and a beige shirt.
  • Zandra was one of the first tribe girls to have specific sleep wear. At a time when the others just slept in their clothes Zandra managed to find a classic white babydoll nightdress with a bright blue ruffle along the front and the bottom hem. And of course she managed to find a matching robe to go with it, it’s white with another set of ruffles, this time in blue but also bright pink.
  • It should also not be forgotten that Zandra was also the girl who invented special events style, to quote her it’s all about “showing a sense of occasion”. Hence her outfits that would only be in one scene. Like the surprisingly detailed Elizabethan-styled top in a greeny-gold with empire neckline and bell sleeves. With this she wears her short multi-coloured snakeskin-print skirt and a pair of purple pothole tights.
  • When she has to do such mundane things as the dusting she decides she must accessorise. Therefore, it would only be sensible to protect your clothes with a sparkly, frilly brown apron, but the outfit has to be livened up with a pair of bright pink rubber gloves to protect her nails and then a silver tiara.

Pink and blue, blue and pink. Zandra was not one for variety in colour but she could do a lot with her hair. She usually had it half and half, but would occasionally go for blue with pink stripes or divided it into alternate quarters. For the start she would usually wear it in bunchies with the brown hair left at the back teased up, however, sometimes she would plait it along the top or slick two front bits over each other. Hair accessories were also useful with her kitsch pink and blue daisy clips or her fluffy pom-pom clips.

“She’s got so much mascara she can hardly open her eyes!” exclaimed Lex. Fun colours and symmetry was the basis for Zandra’s makeup. She would keep to basic blue, gold or pale green eye shadow and pale pink, purple or gold lipstick but then really go for it with the facial designs. All of her markings were the same on each cheek and usually geometric, for example swirls, triangles, circles, hearts or the pink and blue stars. Her favourite appeared to be the big daisy stencils that matched her earrings.

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