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Zoot/Martin Zoot was the leader of the Locos. The younger brother to Bray, he turned into Zoot after the death of his parents. Martin began to hate everytihng and one day at school he stood on his desk and said that his name was Zoot and that anyone who didn't join him would die.

"I have a message for all of you. There's gonna be a new order and you have two choices, you can either join me or you can die."

He started the first tribe, The Locusts, along with Ebony, whom he had been a classmate of his and his brother's ex. They pillaged the city, terrorising its inhabitants. The "Locusts" were named from the fact that all a locust thinks about is itself and this is how Zoot and his men lead their lives. They rode around the city in a converted police car, sirens blazing, capturing everyone who got in their way and either tying them to trees or forcing them to join his tribe. Ebony was know as "Zoot's Woman", she gained this title by proving herself to be good enough by being locked in a room and made to beg. Zoot believed that the only way was "power and chaos" and said that one day he and his warriers would take over the whole world.

His only family were Bray, his older bother, and Brady, the daughter he didn't know existed, whose mother Trudy had refused to join the locos and run of with Bray.


Zoot continued his reign of terror in the city until one day after Trudy had agreed to see him, he ventured into the Mall in the middle of the night with Bray. After argueing with Trudy and Bray, Brady was put in his arms and informed that she was his daughter. At first Zoot was doubtful that he was the father but Trudy persuaded him that he was. He tried to persuade Trudy once more to join the locos, while Bray told him his tribe were bad news and he ought to leave them and join the Mallrats. The meeting was interrupted by Lex and Ryan who had been told by Paul that someone was in the mall. As Lex and Bray fought, Zoot ran to the top floor and hid but when he saw his brother getting beaten he tried to pull Lex off him, ending up being pushed off the balcony and killed, while the rest of the mallrats stood watching.


Trudy and Bray wanted Zoot to have a proper funeral and when they found they couldn't use the graveyard as the Demon Dogs had taken it over, Jack suggested a burial at sea. So, Zoot was cast off from the beach and the boat was set on fire...

"Good Night Martin, God bless. Have a safe journey to the other side. Everyone will be there waiting for you. Mum, dad, everyone."


Zoot set the standard for Locusts: red, black and tough looking. His style takes symbols of authority and makes them his own. For example the police hat with goggles on the brim and a white shirt and black tie. This is topped off with a long, heavy black jacket with various red and silver symbols and emblems and the attractive “Keep Warm Burn Out The Rich” sign on the back, red baggy dungaree with black knee-pads and huge black boots. The outfit finishes with the metal and leather talisman he ‘leaves behind’ for Ebony.
His hair was braided and then proper dreadlocks.
He blacks out his eye area in order to contrast the unnatural white of his eyes. Zoot also has random spiky lines all over his face from one point on the right of his face that creates an abstract flame design. This is finished off with a red zigzag across his forehead that shows under the brim of his hat.

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