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The Zootists are a powerful tribe who worship a reborn Zoot, believing in 'Power and Chaos', they seek to create disruption throughout the entire the City and instill fear into all.


Ebony, Java and Siva


Beliefs/Way of Life


Under Ebony the Zootists are largely female, which means the males are left to their own devices when it comes to style. Unfortunately all they appear to have come up with is Zoot, lots of black jackets, police hats and goggles. Some wear wigs to look like fake dreds and draw red makeup to look like Zoot.
Most of the girls have taken Ebony’s lead of red and black, but have also added bits of yellow and orange. There is lots of layers of corsets, fishnet, mesh, skirts, stripy tights and armwarmers teamed with knee-high boots.
Their hair is usually piled on top of their heads with messy red/orange/yellow streaks in bunchies, knots and similar, they also like to mimic the three sisters with the odd few braids added to the mix.
Finally their makeup, on one eye they have an intricately designed flame coming up from around their cheekbone, it’s shaded with different colours of yellow, orange and black; the design is repeated on their necks. To finish it off, heavy eye makeup and either red or black lipstick.


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