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This article contains brief descriptions of animals that were in the The Tribe.


Apollo (Horse)

KC unwillingly traded Pony Joe for the Guardian's ring. Pride said the horse had been badly mistreated, and would therefore throw off anyone that attempted to ride him. When KC was leading him away in order to sell him, Salene stepped in and took the horse as her own. After grooming and talking to the horse, she rode away on it on a journey to find Ryan. Series 3). She didn't come back with Apollo when she returned in Series 4.

Bluebell (Calf)

Series 1 - Cloe’s pet calf finds in the parking lot. Lex try's to kill it but he can't bring himself to do it. At the end Cloe runs away with Bluebell, but she lose it during a storm and she finds Tai-San.

Bob (Dog)

Bob was Patsy and Paul's dog, but when they get into the mall Bob become the Mallrat's pet. In Series 2 Bob drank some of Tai San’s Antidote which Ebony had poisoned.

Charlie (Mouse)

When Charlie went missing, Mouse found a mouse and decided to keep it as a pet, she named the mouse Charlie.

Clara (Chicken)

When Bluebell went, Cloe was upset, so Bray got her a couple of chicken’s.

Cloudy (Dog)

Cloudy is the second dog of the Mallrats. After Bob's death Cloe and Patsy find a dog being harassed by some bullies, and they save him. They take him back to the mall and name him Cloudy. He was used by Tai-san and Alice when Ebony was being held hostage by Spike. After Patsy and Cloe are taken away by the Chosen, Andy and Tally take over as dog watchers. He vanishes at the end of series 3. In The Tribe, Cloudy is a "he" but in real life, Cloudy is a "she". She’s a cross between a regular poodle and a German wire-haired Pointer, known as a Poodle Pointer. Cloudy was born on March 31st 1999.

Henrietta (Chicken)

Series 1 - When Bluebell went, Cloe was upset and Bray got her a couple of chicken’s, Henrietta was one of them.

Lex (Rat)

Series 2 - KC’s white rat. KC finds it and trains it to win the Rat-Race. Trudy cooked him and fed him to the real Lex.

Porky (Pig)

A pig found by Ryan and Salene in S1. Salene gives her to Cloe when Patsy is suspected to have the virus in series 1 and names him Porky. They look after him and protect him when Lex wants to eat him. Later in the series, KC takes Porky to a gambling den run by Tribe Circus to exchange for chips, in spite of Cloe's protests. They try to get Porky back, but when the barman refuses, they steal him back. Cloe returns to the Mall with Porky but KC is captured. Disapears during Series 3 while the Mallrats are being held by the Chosen.


Cloe's rat, given to her by Ryan. Won the big rat race, all the other rats had been drugged by KC.

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