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The Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group, established in 1994, is one of the world´s most prolific, independent production companies, creating quality, family entertainment. Cloud 9 's portfolio of product has been exported to 130 territories.

During the last decade, Cloud 9 has produced almost 500 episodes of live action family drama and 24 mini movies/video specials at the Company’s production studio in Wellington, New Zealand. Cloud 9´s credits include: The Enid Blyton Adventure Series, The Enid Blyton Secret Series, The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson (starring Richard Thomas from the Waltons), Return to Treasure Island, William Shatner´s A Twist in the Tale, The Legend of William Tell, Atlantis High, Revelations, The Tribe, and a sequel to The Tribe, The New Tomorrow.

In January 2004, Cloud 9 opened a new production base in Queensland, Australia. This marked a major expansion for Cloud 9, including diversification into animation, new media ventures, distribution partners and the launch of a training school to nurture new writing and production talent. Cloud 9 has also formed an animation division, Dreamcloud.

All rights to Cloud 9´s extensive portfolio of programming are currently handled by Southern Star International.

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