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Jeremiah is a post-apocalyptic television series starring Luke Perry and Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

Created and developed by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski and executive produced by him and The Outer Limits Sam Egan, the series is loosely based on Belgium writer Hermann Huppen's comic book of the same name. Aside from the names of the main characters and the post-apocalyptic setting, there are no other similarity between the comics and the series.

The series ended production in 2003 after creative differences emerged between MGM and Straczynski. Episodes for the final half of the second season didn't start airing in the United States until September 3, 2004.

The series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.



spoiler In the year 2021, 15 years after a virus kills everyone over the age of puberty (both the event and the virus itself are referred to as "The Big Death"), the child survivors have grown up, living on the scraps of the old world. Some, such as Markus Alexander, see that they have one of two choices ahead of them: continue to live off the diminishing scraps of the old world or begin to rebuild.


Most of the characters are survivors of the virus who are now in their late twenties or younger.

Character Actor Description
Jeremiah Luke Perry While roaming the country on a quest to locate a mysterious place called Valhalla Sector, which his father claimed might hold some hope for the survivors of the big death, Jeremiah comes in contact with a group who not only has information on Valhalla Sector, but also the resources to rebuild the world.
Kurdy Malloy Malcolm-Jamal Warner Jeremiah's partner, a tough and cynical man, yet also passionate. He and Jeremiah discover the secrets of Thunder Mountain.
Markus Alexander Peter Stebbings The leader of Thunder Mountain, a colony located inside the former NORAD headquarters in Cheyenne Mountain. He seeks to form alliances with other survivors and to forge a new world.
Mister Smith Sean Astin This quirky, colorful character partners with Kurdy in Season Two. He claims to be a messenger from God.
Erin Ingrid Kavelaars Markus' second-in-command at Thunder Mountain.
Lee Chen Byron Lawson Chen is the humorless and paranoid head of security at Thunder Mountain, but his loyalties may lie elsewhere.
Meaghan Lee Rose Suzy Joachim Meaghan is the oldest woman known to be alive in the world. She is a carrier of the plague that nearly wiped out mankind, though it has not killed her. She lives in a biohazard containment room in Thunder Mountain.
Ezekiel Alex Zahara A mysterious figure who gives Jeremiah cryptic prophecies about his future and protects him from danger.
Theo Coleridge Kim Hawthorne Theo rules Clarefield, Colorado as a ruthless warlord, until her reign is overthrown. However, she will still become a strong voice in the new world.
Elizabeth Munroe Kandyse McClure Elizabeth is a resident of Thunder Mountain, and Jeremiah and Kurdy first arrived there to bring news of her husband's death. Kurdy is attracted to her.
Devon Robert Wisden Jeremiah's father and a resident of Valhalla Sector. Jeremiah thought he died in the Big Death, but he was taken to Valhalla Sector and survived. He is a scientist, studying potential immunizations for the Big Death.
Liberty "Libby" Kaufman Joanne Kelly Libby is Devon's assistant in Valhalla Sector who takes Jeremiah under her wing and apparently falls in love with him.


  • J. Michael Straczynski was so concerned about the amount of interference MGM imposed during production that he stated that he would never work again with MGM under the current administration.
  • The first season of the series was released on DVD on January 20, 2004. The second season has yet to be released in this format, however.
  • In early 2005 a Jeremiah roleplaying game was released. The RPG was designed by Morrigan Press Inc. and published by Mongoose Publishing.


In a post-apocalyptic world following the "Big Death"—a mysterious but devastating plague that claimed the lives of billions of people—only the children remain.
Fifteen years have gone by, and in the midst of the chaos, one man, Jeremiah, rises above the rest to restore civility and order. He and his companion Kurdy, must lead the struggle to uncover the buried truth of a forgotten society to provide hope for the future.
As Jeremiah and Kurdy search for the elusive "Valhalla Sector", they encounter their greatest fears and discover their own humanity.

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