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The Tribe is a Science fiction on television, created by Raymond Thompson and his production company Cloud 9, and shot in New Zealand. It is set in a hypothetical near-future in which all adults have died, leaving the children of the world to fend for themselves. The show's focus is on an unnamed city inhabited by tribes of children and teenagers.

It is primarily aimed at the eleven to seventeen age group, though it has fans of all ages. Five series of The Tribe have been created, with 52 episodes per series, amounting to 260 episodes in the entire run.

The series also inspired a spin-off called The New Tomorrow. This spin-off is set at an undisclosed period of time after the events of The Tribe Series 5. Unlike The Tribe, The New Tomorrow is aimed at a younger audience and its cast is made up of pre-teens.

The purpose of this wiki is to be a place where Tribe fans can go and get all the information about series, it's stars, the production, and everything related to the show. With a wiki it's user editable meaning that anyone can add, change, or remove things so it's a project that all Tribe fans can be a part of. Feel free to add anything you can. Every little bit helps, even a sentence.


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  • Dan Hennah was production designer on The Tribe and his wife Chris was art/design manager. They held similar positions on The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which began filming, also in New Zealand, a year after The Tribe did. Many cast members of The Tribe also had parts in The Lord of the Rings, inculding Jacob Tomuri (Luke) who was a stunt performer.
  • Many first time viewers noticed that the series resembles an episode of the 1960s TV series Star Trek titled "Miri". Where an enhanced virus kills all adults leaving the children behind. Kids forming tibal gangs, etc. Some science fiction viewers wonder if Star Trek was a basis of the series.
  • The Tribe may have been influenced by the cult Australian film trilogy: Mad Max, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome, all three starring Mel Gibson as the title hero. The films are set during and after all world society breaks down having exhausting all oil and gas sources. James Napier (Jay) had a small role in Beyond Thunderdome as one of the children.

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