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Series 2 (2000)

Series 2 showed a much more overarching plot. The focus was less on the inner struggles of the tribe, and more on their struggles as part of the many tribes that make up the city. The series began with the Mallrats dealing with the loss of Amber and Zandra who were killed in an explosion on Eagle Mountain. Bray was distraught, but soldiered on. Lex took the opposite route, spiralling into alcoholism, and even attempting to rape Salene. This resulted in his being kicked out of the tribe until Ryan went to look for him.

With the addition of the mysterious Danni, the Mall Rats struggled to bring a peaceful balance to the city, cleaning it up and trying to introduce a Bill of Rights, while also distributing the antidote to the masses free of charge. It was Tai-San who discovered the antidote recipe, memorised it, then burnt it to keep the other Mallrats from taking advantage of the other tribes with the knowledge, like Ebony wanted to do. When she shared the secret with Bray, Ebony plotted with the Zoot-worshipping tribe the Chosen to help them take Trudy and Brady from the city. Bray gave her the recipe in defeat, and Ebony later tried to poison Tai-San, killing Patsy and Cloe's dog Bob in the process.

In this series, the pasts of many characters were revealed. We found out in flashback how Bray’s shy brother Martin spiralled into insanity and became Zoot. It was also shown how both Ebony and Trudy fell for Bray, and also when Trudy and Martin conceived Brady. When Ebony was tortured by her ex-militia leader, Spike, after setting him up for Tai-San's attempted murder, we find out why she is so manipulative and power-hungry. Lex and Ryan's meeting in boot camp was revealed, as was Lex's affair with a vicious, much older female sergeant at the camp. Danni's shocking secret, that it was her father who accidentally engineered the killer virus while trying to make the Elixer of Youth, was also revealed by Jack and Ellie.

A double marriage took place as the season drew to a close, that of Ryan and Salene, and Tai-San and Lex. This season ended in a climactic face off between the Chosen and the leaders of the city tribes. Many of them, including Danni, were murdered or disappeared following this.

Bray and Lex escape the Chosen's wrath, but the series ends with them both falling victim to a car crash, their fates left hanging in the balance.

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