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The New Tomorrow is a New Zealand based television series produced by Cloud 9 and is a sequel to the cult television series The Tribe.

The show was created by Raymond Thompson and premiered on September 17 2005 on Seven Network in Australia.

The events of The New Tomorrow follow the final episode of series five of The Tribe but specific details of this link are yet to be revealed. It is unclear how much time has passed since The Tribe ended or what connections exist between the two shows.


Plot summary

Following the outbreak of a virus, the entire adult population has been wiped out leaving their children to survive alone. Most of the children have formed tribes, each with their own distinct makeup and clothes. Each of these tribes follow different philosophies which invariably lead to conflict.

While The Tribe focused mainly on the children surviving in the city, The New Tomorrow focuses on those in the countryside and the forest, and in particular on three tribes, The Ants, The Barbs and The Privileged.

The Tribes

There are three main tribes in The New Tomorrow. These are The Privileged, The Ants, and The Barbs.

The Privileged

The Privileged feel they are superior to other tribes and aim for perfection in both their looks and their actions. They live in the tunnels and rooms underneath an old water dam and are lead by Flame. The Privileged have a group of soldiers, called The Warps who are a strong and courageous people and a group of slaves referred to as The Discards who work in the mines and plantations run byThe Privileged, or if they are unlucky they work as The Privileged's personal servants. Movement between these groups is supposed to be determined by all The Privileged, however Flame takes it upon himself to choose many of those who are forced to change groups, even going so far as to 'Discard' fellow members of The Privileged at the drop of a hat.

The Ants

The Ants are a tribe of farmers which appears to consist of the more timid survivors who were in need of someone to lead them and give then purpose. This role has been left to High Priestess Faygar, who leads the group and has given them a belief system worshipping their ancestors. They pray to Bray (who represents good) and ask for his guidance, while Bray's brother Zoot has become the 'evil' in their mythology and the bringer of all problems. The Tribe looks to the day when 'The Ancestor' will return.

The Barbs

The Barbs are a primitive tribe who live in the forest and are protective of their lands and take only what they need to survive in order to conserve the environment. The warrior Zora leads them in their worshipping of the Sun, Moon and rain. They are good trackers and can move about the forest unseen by others. In the centre of the forest is their primitive settlement of wooden huts and camp fires.

The Birds

Appear in episode 24 of The New Tomorrow. Led by 'Lord Attil'. A messenger of Lord Attil's, Sunni, arrives at the Priveledge camp. It also turns out the Sunni is Lord Attil's brother. Sunni tells Harmony that his tribe has many enemies, because if a tribe refuses to trade with them they simply take what they want...


Character Actor Tribe Seasons
Cass Paige Shand-Haami The Ants 1
Dan Rafe Custance The Ants 1
Erin Arthur Caughley The Barbs 1
Faygar Zoe Robins The Ants 1
Flame Cameron Wakefield The Privileged 1
Gwyn Henrietta Steventon The Discards,The Privileged 1
Harmony Lara Custance The Privileged 1
Jag Joshua Rippon The Barbs 1
Kwarli Thomas Steventon The Barbs 1
Leanne Katie Alexander The Barbs 1
Omar Trey Brown The Ants 1
Sal Abbey-May Wakefield The Ants 1
Shadow James Shaw The Warps 1
Sky Nick Fenton None 1
Zora Felicity Milovanovich The Barbs 1


  • Australia: Seven Network – Premiered September 17 2005
  • United Kingdom: Five (TV) – Premiered October 2 2005

Links to Tribe

It is still unclear as to how this show relates to the Tribe however there are several links which have been clearly established:

  • The Ants worship Bray as the Ancestor who will return and save them all
  • The Ants believe that Zoot is an evil force who will come to tempt them
  • None of the characters in The New Tomorrow are over the age of 12 which has led to the suggestion that they may have been within the vicinity of the virus released by Ram’s AI however this remains speculation with no supporting evidence provided in the series.
  • The Ants have photographs of the Mall from The Tribe which they believe to be a spiritual place. Skye, it would appear, knows of the Mall
  • There has been much speculation that Sky and maybe some of the other characters in The New Tomorrow may in fact be the children of Characters from The Tribe.

Plot synopsis

The first few episodes deal with establishing the characters and setting. The two rivaling tribes of the forest; the warrior Barbs, lead by the headstrong Zora, and the farmer Ants, lead by the religious and peaceful Phaygar, both live in fear of two things: the machines, and the Privileged, a power hungry-tribe lead by the equally power-hungry Flame, who is assisted by his advisor Harmony, and warrior leader Shadow.

An outsider named Skye finds his way into the Barb tribe; he doesn't know where he came from, and his memory is messed up. He quickly makes friends there. An ant whose name is Dan meets the Barb tribe, and decides he wants to be Barb, and not an Ant. Later, the Privs attack the Barb tribe, but Flame is defeated by Skye, and runs away.

During this time, Flame has also let one of the Discarded (the Privs slaves) become a Priv. Her name is Gwen.

Following the attack, the Barbs and the Ants decide they must work together; they join forces, and decide, to avoid argument, that Skye must lead the tribes that are now working together. They make their base in the Ant tribe, and despite a few arguments, are willing to try to get along.

Flame sends Gwen out as a spy to the tribes. She pretends to be an escaped discard; she meets Dan, who is actually her brother. Despite her brother being there, she stays loyal to Flame and gives him crucial information. When she is going back to Privs (the Ants and Barbs don't know she's a spy yet) she asks Dan to come with her. He says no, and she goes back on her own.

With the new information, Flame kidnaps Phaygar and Skye when they are out on a patrol. The Ants and Barbs are devastated about this, and Zora takes lead of the tribes.

Shadow and Harmony both are starting to get sick of Flame's selfishness... and they begin to scheme against him. Eventually, Flame and the Ant/Barbs decide a way to settle their differences: a game of passball (which is similar to the game Rugby). The Privs narrowly lose, and Harmony overthrows Flame, and Flame is taken by the Ant/Barbs and is kept prisoner. Although Harmony promised they would work together, she betrays Shadow and Discards him.

Phaygar and Skye escape from the Discards: so does Shadow, and we don't see him again for the rest of the series. (Fans think he met with the 'Bird' tribe. Keep reading.) The tribes are overjoyed with the return of Phaygar and Skye. Phaygar and Zora have a few arguments, but then decide to share leadership of the tribe. Flame is set free, although he must work like the rest of the Ants and Barbs. Skye and Dan, out on a patrol find a strange young boy... but it seems he can't speak. They take him back to the tribe and let him do what he wants.

Harmony needs a personal assistant. She chooses Gwen. Although it seems like Gwen is Harmony's slave at first, they soon become good friends. Very close, in fact. A mysterious Bird tribe comes and meets the Privs. It seems they want to trade. Harmony tells them we will meet with Zora and Phaygar to discuss trading.

Eventually, they do meet at a meeting. Harmony realises the Tribes have more in common than they thought, and it's as if they suddenly... become friends. Except for the rude Bird tribe, who soon leave. Harmony also realises that friends are more important than power, and hands the throne back to Flame, who has also changed, and decides to free the Discards. The Privs say they hope they get to have more nights like this. Gwen thinks about staying with her brother, but decides to stay with Privs, knowing that they'll get to see each other again soon.

After the meeting, the Birds come back to the Ant camp. It turns out the stranger who came to their tribe was their leader's brother. The Bird tribe came to take the boy back. Skye asks why he doesn't talk, and the leader says, "He only talks about things he likes." (The boy had two lines in the show "Only the Prototype" and "BROTHER!". This means he likes his brother, and the machines.) The 4 tribes now seem unified. The birds leave, and the cast members of the Ant and Barb tribe stand around in a circle and Skye says, "I'm sure we'll have many more adventures to come." They put their hands together and say "Yay!" and the credits end.


  • The target audience is 8 to 12 year old where as The Tribe was aimed at a slightly older teenage market. In reality however the majority of the fan base are people who grew up watching The Tribe.
  • So far no characters from The Tribe have been cast, despite Cloud 9’s reputation for casting the same actors in all of their shows.
  • Although no actor from The Tribe has been cast, some have worked behind the scenes on the series. Namely Caleb Ross (Lex) working on the sound foley and Vanessa Stacey (Alice) who was the vocal coach to the young actors of The New Tomorrow.
  • The only characters not to appear in the season finale were Jag ( of the Barbs) and Shadow.

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