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Although vehicles were somewhat limited after the virus, there were some to be had nonetheless. With a limited resource of petrol etc though they were rarely seen unless owned by the more powerful tribes, such as the Locos and the Technos.


Beach/Dune Buggy

Bray and Lex tried to drive off in one at the end of Series 2 when the Mall Rats were captured by the Chosen , but it crashed and they were left for dead.

Bray’s Skateboard

Broadcaster Van

Used by Chosen to kidnap people and make announcements. Was also to used to force Ebony into the water and apparently to her death. The adults used it for evacuation announcements.

The Chosen's boat

Used by Chosen to arrive and leave the city in.

The Chosen's Van

The Chosen used black vans to kidnap people during the later stages of Series 2. One was also seen forcing Ebony to her supposed death off of a pier. Like The Locust's Police Car it was designed to instill fear upon the other Tribe's with it's large size, blacked out windows and deathly appearance.

Hope Island Boat

Lex, Bray, Amber and Dal used it to go to Hope Island.

Locos Bus

Seen in Series 1. Had been hidden away by Ebony without the other Locos knowing about it. It was used by Ebony and the Mallrats to leave the City and head to Eagle Mountain; only made it about half way when it broke down and was abandoned. Has the number 666 painted on it and has 'Special' as it's destination.


The eco friendly way to travel, used by Dal and Amber. The Locos had several members who also skated around, often holding onto their police car.

Technos' Plane (c-130)

Used by the Technos to parachute ground troops into the outskirts of the city including Jay.

Top Hat's Motorcycle

The leader of Tribe Circus used a motorbike to ride around quickly and to intimidate other people. Towards the end of S1, Lex paid him a visit and stole his bike and his hat. It was abandoned once the bike ran out of petrol on the journey to Eagle Mountain.

Zoot's Police Car

The Locos used a modified police car as their main vehicle of choice. It was modified with extra protection around the front, presumably, to minimize any damage inflicted whilst bashing through oil drums and other such obstacles on the road, and with hand rails along the side for members with skates to hold on to and roll along with. The sunroof was also removed and this was used as a 'podium' for Zoot and Ebony to stand upon. It was also heavily gratified with the Locust's logo.

Techno Transport

The transport used by The Technos each have an identification number.
T-01 - Techno Tank which took Ellie away after her attempt to kill Ebony. Also made announcements to the city.
T-09 - Techno Truck which invaded and captured The Gaians and Brady.
T-10 - Techno Cargo Truck, brought in medical supplies which the Mallrats raided.
T-16 - Techno Cargo Truck which brought T-Bars into the city.
T-24 - Ved's go-kart/buggy. He gave Cloe a ride on the beach in it. In the final episode of Series 4 it sits empty in the streets.

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