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The Virus is the basis of the series. The story begins after this virus killed all adults in the world leaving kids to survive on their own. The origins of this virus are orginial unknown. It was made as a "fountain of youth" Pandorax corporation by accident. In other words they would have been able to look young forever or live forever or something of that nature. But something went wrong with this formula quickly killing off all the adults. Danni's father was the lead researcher on the project.

In Series 1, it seemed kids were not immune to the virus effects and many started ageing rapidly and dieing, this caused the Mallrats to search for answers and hopefully and Antidote.

In Series 2, they discovered an Antidote, although only Tai-San and later Bray and Ebony knew the formula. Kids were able to survive the Virus because the Antidote was made that they took systematically. Eventually they didn't have to take the Antidote anymore.

In the final episodes of Series 5, a suspected new Virus was unleashed on the city and the tribes evacuated.

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